Reign of Gregory VII Questions and Answers Paper Example

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In the Dictatus Papae, Gregory VII claims to be able to free men from what kind of oath? Why is this significant?

According to the twenty-seventh statement, only Gregory VII had the authority to free men from their fealty to wicked men. The oath was used as an acknowledgment of loyalty to only one lord. The people were just supposed to be loyal to their lord and not the wicked men. Therefore, this action purified the individuals from the wicked ways and reinstated their loyalty in one lord.

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According to the Dictatus Papae, can the church err?

The Roman church can never err. The Dictatus Papae further claims that the church will never err.

According to Gregory VII's decree against lay investiture, what will happen to a cleric (churchman) who receives a bishopric, abbey or church from a layman?

The decree stipulates that Gregory VII has the sole powers to any churchman who receives bishopric, abbey, church from a layman shall be considered to be dividing the church thus an enemy of the Roman Catholic. Therefore, it led to the excommunication of the parties.

According to Gregory VII's decree against lay investiture, what will happen to a secular lord who grants a bishopric, abbey or church?

They were excommunicated from the church.

On what condition does Gregory VII give Henry IV his apostolic benediction?

According to Gregory VII, he was willing to give Henry IV his blessings if he could surrender his crown and all the instruments he ensigns of royalty. Furthermore, Gregory VII demanded that Henry IV confess his unworthiness of the royal dignity and name openly.

In his letter of 1075, what does Gregory VII insist be carried out?

Gregory VII orders Henry IV to stop appointing bishops because he does not have the powers. However, when Henry IV refused to head to his demands, he told Henry IV subject to stop listening and respecting him or the royalty.

By what personal name does Henry address the pope in his letter to Gregory?

Henry IV refers to Gregory VII as the "False Monk."

Who granted Henry royal power according to this letter?

Henry IV referred to the Old Testament in his letter. He believed that God anointed him. Therefore, he derives the powers from the Supreme Being.

In his Deposition of Henry IV (1076), of what does Gregory deprive Henry?

Henry is excommunicated and deprived all the royal instruments that made him powerful. Therefore, Henry is forced to surrender the crown.

From what does Gregory free the vassals of Henry IV in his Deposition of Henry (1076)?

Henry IV is excommunicated by Gregory VII. He has the powers because of his stature in the kingdom.

Who is the head of the church, according to Unam Sanctam?

The pope is the supreme head of the church.

According to Unam Sanctam who judges the earthly power?

The earthly power is judged by the spiritual power while the higher spiritual power is judged by God directly.

According to Unam Sanctam who judges the supreme spiritual power?

The supreme spiritual power is judged by God

According to Unam Sanctam, what is necessary for salvation?

The salvation of human beings should be subject to the authority of the Roman pontiff

According to the Prologue of the Magna Carta, why is John enacting the reforms of the Magna Carta?

King John was obligated to sign and enact the Magna Carta because it protected the fundamental rights, freedom, and privileges of the clergy and the subjects. Furthermore, Clause 61 of the document obligated him to not to obtain anything from the people, or the liberties may be revoked.

The 1st Article of the Magna Carta guarantees what for the church?

Clause 1 of the Magna Carta provides the English Church with freedom. The Church was now able to elect its leaders without interference from the king.

What abuse by the king do you think chapter 7 is meant to address?

Chapter 7 is meant to address the freedom of worship and association.

What abuse by the king do you think chapter 8 is meant to address?

Chapter 8 address the liberties, rights, and freedom of the subjects of the king.

What was the function of the committee of 25 barons established by the Magna Carta (in the 61st Article)?

The 25 barons were meant to monitor the King's compliance settlement and to enforce the terms. Additionally, the 25 barons were granted the power to seize the king's property. This was done to force the king to seek redress whenever he failed to adhere to the imposed terms.

According to the 61st Article of the Magna Carta, what happens if John breaks the conditions of the Magna Carta and refuses to correct his transgression after 40 days?

The clause provides the subject with authority to lawfully rebel against the king if he fails to rule justly and avoids responding to the complaints brought by the council of barons.

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