Reflective Journal of Business Research

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Date:  2021-06-23

During my business research process, I discovered that the business world is expanding at a fast rate. Therefore, both the employers and the employees require having the knowledge and improved skills. A practical training to acquire new skills, new insights, as well as new attitude, is needed for day-to-day working life. The different review argues that the future business rise is based more on abilities than associations. The government should set up the professional training, education strategies, and frameworks that will enable a country to accomplish the required level of skills and development. I was particularly overwhelmed by this assessment. What's more, it motivated me to think of which is the best approach for teachers to increase strong, dependable data for their students.

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The business learning process was efficient to me for it helped me develop a positive customer experience. The experience was also incredible as it gave me a considerable measure of extension to start thoughts and be listened, helping me to apply my knowledge through hypothesis and presenting me to different business parts and capacities. I improved my knowledge on answering some of the difficult questions my clients will mainly be asking. My learning was as well to enhance my communication skills and growth confidence. A thorough and more extensive comprehension of an item empower a sales representative to utilize unique strategies and techniques for exhibiting goods and services to different sorts of clients. More grounded relational abilities engage a salesperson to reasonably adjust a business introduction for more noticeable effect. Training experience helped build up my certainty, confidence and critically improved feeling of satisfaction which in a general sense enhance state of mind, life-adjust and passionate prosperity. These analytical results are similarly as vital for profitable work and a healthy society as the necessary skills and learning are ordinarily represented in this experimental training.

In my future programs, the knowledge, experience and the skills I have acquired through this course will portray an attractive image to my employers. However, I attended several events and meetings, by cooperating with experts I gained connections and the knowledge to communicate in professional events. This has acquainted me with a lot of valuable assets and has given me the chance to meet various experts in my business field. Therefore, I will be able to procure references and new employment opportunities. Through this research learning, I can also get a professional business mentor and the building blocks I need to set my career foundation.

During my business learning process, I got the chance to feature, comprehend my abilities, as well as to put my theoretical knowledge on practical. I was delightful to work with a great association with exceptional individuals who were incredibly high and helped me take in a considerable measure. I increased my skills in Accounting, teamwork collaboration, leadership and also in time management. It was an opportunity to experience things that I learn in real life. On my fifth week with this program, the management interviewed me, and I was offered the position as the Assistant Financial Accountant. This learning process is so difficult to find so when the opportunity to do one came along; I got it with my two hands. It is certainly an ideal open door, and I needed to experience before completing my studies. I now have a high ground for what to come in future. All through this program, my team has been extremely proficient and are continuously grateful to assist me with any inquiries and concerns.

The business research was significant in my research learning process for it was a way for me to understand how to define business objectives. Before starting a business initially, I should characterize its activities. After marking the primary goals, I would able to evaluate the business and its competitors. The way toward describing a business target is important to adjust strategies for success with the appropriate clients legitimately. Through the business research, I was able to correct enough data for my learning process. Associations require enough research to evaluate their customer's satisfaction and ensure that they get the current products. Using business articles, I learned how to analyze a company's stand in comparison to the competitors. How the company charges regarding other firms, service offered, item quality and their value. My ultimate objective of carrying out analysis was to begin building up some suitable alternatives in research learning process.

While I was doing these assessments my assumptions were to improve my knowledge and skills in the business field. It is essential to occasionally survey and adjust my exercises to make sure they are efficient. This assessment enables me to recognize regions for development and also enable to understand my objectives more efficiently. Moreover, when I share my outcomes regarding what was increasingly and less viable, it enhances environmental education. The second critical aspect is how one upgrades their learning encounters through research and practical knowledge; the objective is to include the learners in practice straightforwardly. Obviously, in some cases there are no qualifications as the two process can supplement each other; that is, I can utilize my particular research to give information and practices based in my study unit. I can likewise be used as a part of learning, by sharing my inquiries with other students while in the meantime creating research exercises for them on subjects related to my particular research. My two assessments were also intended to perceive and recognize working environment learning and have titles, for example, work-based reviews, negotiated learning and also professional studies. This implies relevant knowledge acquired far from the formal education which can be granted credit through advanced procedures and along these lines assist students to advance. When I combine these research with my developing academic skills, I got the ability to change hones inside the work environment, thus improving my execution and the general performance of an association.

In the future career, I can utilize my skills to make changes in the products or administrations I offer and the procedures that I use to deliver them. For instance, recognizing market inclines before they happen may empower me to provide goods and services to my clients before my competitors. All organizations approach a large pool of information whether it is their comprehension of customers' needs and the business condition or the abilities and staff experience. The way in which a company accumulates offers and explores information can be fundamental to its capacity to grow efficiently. However, knowledge management is significant to everybody including local and international companies. Additionally, I might have the ability to utilize my knowledge and skills in a consultancy way. To accomplish this, however, I will ensure that I secure my intellectual innovation. With a specific end goal to prevent exploitation of this learning in my business, I ought to attempt to assemble a culture where information is highly esteemed throughout the business. One approach to achieving this can be to offer motivating forces to employees who supply important market news and propose ways in which to serve the customers. I can as well use these skills all through my association to assemble better procedures and increase consumer loyalty since I have a more prominent comprehension of their necessities from the feedback they give.

In my future career, I can use my skills and knowledge to make a strategic way of discovering and sharing my skills to as many staffs in an organization and also recognize the value of learning in my business. Consider ways in which I can use my knowledge for economic growth. For instance acquiring a wider market share, introducing new products, and also selling my property to other individuals. However, I will ensure this goes hand-in-hand with my business plans.


I believe I learned a lot in this research. I have sufficient skills and knowledge to incorporate in my future business plans. Research learning like this is intended to make someone ponder past activities, regarding what is currently happening as well as what may occur later on. Making positive response to learning research reflects a great practice for future proficiency and self-improvement exercises. Building up a progressing character implies that I started to naturally question and challenge unto why several assessments were carried out in a certain way instead of how they were done.


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