Reflections From the Preparation of a Strategic Communications Campaign Proposal

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Date:  2022-05-17

The activities that people undertake are vital in providing them with various experiences and lessons which they can apply in a wide array of areas. The class activities and readings, as well as the preparation of a strategic communications campaign proposal for an airline company, have provided me with various lessons and ideas which I did not possess before I was engaged in such an activity. Reflecting on those experiences, I am more informed about strategic communication as well as aspects of preparing campaign proposals. I am now knowledgeable and skilled on how to identify the needs of organizations and provide them with solutions through communication campaigns. This paper offers my reflections based on the proposal.

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At the start of the classes, I had little information about the aspect of strategic communication and how organizations can benefit from it. The classes aimed to provide the students with knowledge on the element of strategic communication and ultimately the preparation of a campaign proposal. However, at the end of the classes, I feel more skilled and competent in the area of strategic communication as I understand the manner in which they can be prepared based on an examination of the issues that an organization faces. One of the aspects of strategic communication which was flattering to me was the various media of communication which exists and which organizations can deploy. In the beginning, I was only aware of the mainstream media as well as the various social media applications that I was using. However, in the end, I have understood the multiple media and ways they can be used in the dissemination of information related to a campaign.

I have been informed extensively on the theory behind strategic communications campaign. During the classes, I was provided with a vast wealth of information on how the campaigns are prepared, the various elements, and considerations which should be made. However, the most exciting part in the preparation of the campaign proposal was the transformation of theory into practice. I feel incredibly knowledgeable and skilled based on the manner in which I have prepared a campaign proposal for a real organization. I have been able to use the information which I gained from theory during my classes in actual practice through the preparation of the strategic communications campaign proposal. From the project, I feel that I have learned practical experience in the aspects of conducting campaigns for organizations on different issues.

In the preparation of the proposal, I have had some unique experiences. One of those was the surprise that I got when I discovered the amounts of resources that organizations direct towards strategic communication and in campaigns towards the publicity of some of their products and services. I thought that the campaigns were easy and cheap to implement but realized from the project that they required a significant number of resources from organizations. Additionally, the time needed for the planning and implementation of the campaigns are aspects which thrilled me. Before this project, I thought that the campaigns were done without the type of planning that I established from the preparation of the campaign proposal. However, I was perplexed by the requirements of the campaign and the time and resources needed to make it useful.

I feel that I have benefited immensely from the project in a variety of ways. One of those is that I have precisely known the differences between theory and practice and how theoretical knowledge can be used in the implementation of practical projects. The fact that the proposal was centered on strategic communication in campaigns has provided with skills on effective communication in the achievement of strategic goals. Additionally, I have gained skills for engagement and research based on the formative research that I conducted in establishing the problems and issues that the organization faced. In future, I will be more prolific in the preparation of campaign proposals due to the wealth of knowledge and experience that I have gained from this exercise. This project has benefited me not just for academic purposes but my personal and future professional development.


In conclusion, participating in classes and engaging in the preparation of a strategic communications campaign proposal has provided me with a wide range of experience and expertise. Before the start of the classes, my knowledge was limited in the area of strategic communication. However, the class readings and activities have provided me with increased skills and competencies in the preparation of campaign proposals. I have had the unique experience of understanding that the campaigns require extensive planning and resource allocation contrary to my previous view that it was a cheap and straightforward process. I feel that I have benefited from the transformation of theory into practice by participating in the project activities. In future, I will be more equipped with the various skills and competencies required for the preparation of the campaigns as well as the elements of the campaigns.

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