Reflection on "The Tell-Tall Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe

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Date:  2022-03-29

The renowned poet and short stories author, Edgar Allan Poe, has done a series of inspirational masterpieces. Poe stands out with his expertise in twisting mystery as he narrates traditional stories. Among them, "The Tell-Tall Heart" is a short story featuring unidentified and persuasive narrator with questionable conduct showing madness. In the whole prose, the narrator defends the state of his mind as he justifies the cause of actions to prove his guilt. This paper will discuss the in-depth reflection of the story as dependable literature to form a comprehensive understanding of the causes of action in three distinct paragraphs to show the probable reasons revolving the author's philosophical point of view.

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The onset of the story captures the reader's emotion and attention to interact with the sanity of realistic and unreal exploration of a madman's persona. The language style applied by Poe in this piecework of literature shows a considerable emphasis on the flow of events. The repetitive use of repeated words or phrases shows the weight the narrator puts on his justifications. In the echo of events following an eight-day investigation into a crazy and murderous scheme gives an insightful understanding of the madness and sanity of the narrator. The narrator explains his midnight stays in the old man's room but shallowly recounts on the significant injustice he executes against the old man. The entire narration exposes a reader to caution and unstable mental state through persuasively refuting the possibility of the narrator's insanity. Poe's provokes the reader to engage in the madness state of mind due to the fineness of the details recounting on the past seven nights before the murder. The reader could mistake caution and detailed recount of events of sanity and madness. Psychologically, the narrator's conduct is questionable when he recounts on the long hours spent to study the appropriate time to execute his injustice. However, in a contrasting perspective, the probability of the sanity of the narrator is accredited due to the acuteness in noting the fineness details of the scenario. In the narrative, "The Tell-Tall Heart," runs in sarcasm from the contextual understanding of the story's title to the writing style and the flow of ideas. Poe's choice of title for the story was intriguing communication to the reader on the contrast or realistic and unreflecting levels of thinking. The entire story runs if the offensive flow of ideas and events that probe the reader to familiarize himself with the insanity way of thinking. The narrator suffers from self-denial and self-consciousness in the bid to expound and justify his stand of sanity. Countlessly, the narrator reminds the reader that he was not mad, but the narration of his behavior and conduct around the old man portray madness and hypocrisy. The contrast between the narrator's argument of sanity and his conduct's appeal of madness shows the irony of self-actualization. In the opening paragraph, the narrator tries to convince the reader he is not mad but he claims to hear thing occurring in heaven and hell showing the absurd idea of his state of mind. The multiple presentations of contrast in the narrative give the reader an interesting comparison of soberness and madness.

Poe reveals the uncensored perspective of human nature in his recount of events in the short story "The Tell-Tall Heart." The sincerity and emotional exploration of events in the story depicts a connection between the writers' prowess and reality. The narrator exonerates the guilt owing to his misconduct and a poor decision in killing the old man. The bad choice to solve the narrator's daily problem probed him into eliminating the problem he felt haunted him most in life. In the narration, Poe connects to real life experiences where we look for short-term solutions for problems facing us. The madness of the narrator pushed him into eliminating the old man due to the guilty consciousness of the narrator instigated by the old man's stare. In-depth understanding of the reasoning that prompted the murder obliged the reader to question the narrator's integrity. Imagery representation of certain details from Poe in the story gives insight into the actual cause of events. For instance, the old man's eye in this prose speculates on the comprehensive understanding on guilty of older members of the society while the murder signifies the unfair silencing of innocent victims of circumstances to justify social ills.


Conclusively, Poe, in the short story "The Tell-Tall Heart," depicts a state of mental balance and justification of conduct. The story revolves around the sanity of reality and insanity of inner being. The narrator in this prose tries to convince high level of sensitivity and the state of mind. The intriguing recount of events can deceive the reader to compliment his ability to connect with the environment and inner instinct. In this recount, the spiritual connection between the narrator's consciousness and general belief portrays his cowardice and hypocrisy in dealing with the problems and helplessness in his life. Though the old man fell as a victim of circumstance and the narrator defends his cause of action to show the injustices done to him, the whole recount of events probes the reader to question of his integrity.

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