Reengineering Health Care Essay

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Date:  2022-05-26

Every individual in life undergoes a stage of decision making whereby they choose what is right for them. These decisions entail ethical principles which promote the notable acts only and shun the evil ones (Huber, 2014). Therefore, application of reasonable decision-making procedures in nursing requires an ultimate following of all the principles and knowledge that a nurse has in their specialized field.

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In this case, ethical decision making is not different in the nursing field and therefore it is always applied by a nurse manager or leader to add value to the reengineering of health care. The manager is however required to incorporate skills and knowledge in the generation of alternatives, identification of underlying problems, information research, and implementation of all other options to offer the best of healthcare services (American Nursing Association, 2018).

A nurse manager goes through several stages to make decisions which are effected in reengineering of health care. They should always identify the problem so that they can evaluate their alternatives and carry out a decent selection to come up with the right decisions. Additionally, they also incorporate the paternalism, autonomy, utility and beneficence nursing concepts to ensure that a patient is treated in the correct manner that promotes all ethical principles (Grand Canyon University, 2013). All these concepts are applied by the nurse leader to ensure that the rest of the workforce can follow through to offer better health care.

A nurse leader plays a role in the reengineering of health care by designing decisions which are ethically sensitive so that there are no obligations under which they can be hindered from offering health care services (Lewis, 2004). This act is highly promoted by decisions which have professional codes for the entire workforce to follow through and guide each other. Also, patients always have expectations to achieve better health care surrounded by the best ethical decisions which do not affect them physically, emotionally or even psychologically.

Nurse Managers also make use of ethical frameworks to assist in reengineering health care. In this case, they apply the most common ethical frameworks which are both utilitarian and rights-based. This process is to ensure that they advocate for the best selection of an alternative which favors the most significant number of patients (Huber, 2014). Through this, better project outcomes are focused on without any isolation to any patients. Also, they apply these ethical frameworks to place patients in the best care there is and ensure that they are comfortable.

Finally, nurse managers play a huge role in the reengineering of health through the application of professional codes to choose from the least desirable alternatives. These alternatives may involve good or better outcomes, and therefore it is the role of the nurse manager to evaluate which option to use (American Nursing Association, 2018). Reviewing of the decision-making procedures is also part of their character, and in this case, they consider it very important so that right decisions concerning the health care of patients may be designed.


In conclusion, nurse managers play a huge role in reengineering health care. They achieve this through the application of proper ethical decision-making procedures for the betterment of the patients. They strictly follow all the professional codes and moral principles to choose from the best decision making alternatives and reengineer health care. Hence, all moral principles are all observed to the latter in making decisions for proper provision of healthcare.


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