Paper Example on The Impact of Computer Workstations on Performance

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Date:  2022-12-29


This study investigates the most appropriate type of computers to be used by Acme Business Services group in their organization. The advantages and setbacks of both laptops and desktops are compared to determine the best option. Laptops offer more advantageous than desktops mainly because they are cost-effective. The study involves an outline that includes the components and flexibility of the two types of computer. Configuration of the machines is addressed including the placement and the peripherals devices that are included when the machines are bought. The study runs on a maximum budget of 8,000 dollars. Research indicated laptops to better that desktop in an organization setting. Key benefits between the two types of computers will be used to determine the best type of computer that will be recommended for use. The efficiency and flexibility of computer are factors that will be addressed in the study.

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IntroductionThe use of a computer in an office has become a requirement in the modern era. The use of computers in organizations is rapidly increasing because of the benefits they offer (Korhan, 2011). Laptops are mainly used by people who require a portable computer to work with easily. Currently, many institutions recommend the use of laptops for their staff because they are portable, cost-efficient, and they are convenient. Although desktop have their advantages, portability and performance are the main factors to consider. Modern laptops have a high-performance capability, and a slight gap can be noticed when compared to desktops (Onsorodi, 2011). Desktops, on the other hand, are preferred because they can be easily upgraded. In our case, upgradability is a minor factor, Acme Business Services group are looking for a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of their company. The company needs a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective computer.


The main factors that will be used to determine the best type of computer to be used include; flexibility, cost-effectiveness, efficiency.


Laptops as beneficial to employees because they are highly flexible (Korhan, 2011). Employees can work on a project or any task they did not complete during working hours. In addition, they can prepare objectives and tasks that they would wish to complete the next day. This increases the efficiency of the company and offers a flexible working environment. Acme Business Service group employees would be benefited considering they have to work partly at the headquarters and somewhat at the customer site. They can carry their laptops and use them to provide more details to clients. It is also important to note this step would increase the probability of customers purchasing services because most customers often require more detail on a product or service which the laptop can provide.

Desktops, on the other hand, are not portable. They promote inflexibility in an organization because they are bulky and designed as a stationary machine. About the flexibility of a computer, I would not recommend the use of desktops.

Cost Effectiveness

Generally, desktops are more cost-effective than laptops (Kay and Lauricella, 2011). A desktop cost less than a laptop of the same performance. Although, buying a desktop would lead to overall additional costs such as the cost of buying Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and peripheral devices. Furthermore, desktops lack some internal hardware such as wi-fi card and a graphics card that will lead to additional cost for the pc (Onsorodi, 2011).

Laptops come while fully customized with all components built in one structure. An original laptop is recommended instead of refurbished laptops. An original laptop offers high-performance and comes with integrated hardware including a graphics card (Kay and Lauricella, 2011). This means that the laptops do not need to be upgraded for better performance and are good for use. Laptops also have an internal battery hence relieving the need to buy a UPS.

A UPS and a graphics card are expensive hardware. They cost more than 100 dollars each. To install this hardware, each desktop would require its own graphics card and one UPS can be utilized by two PC in the work station. Hence, buying desktops would lead to require more money than the allocated budget of this project.

Laptops are power efficient machines. Laptops consume low power and would lead to a reduction of power bills. Desktops use more energy to operate.


Laptops take up less space in an office. They can be put away when not in use hence, providing a good working environment (Korhan, 2011). Laptops can also be connected with the available peripheral devices and monitors. Employees at Acme Business Services group can connect the available monitors with the laptops or use the monitors as a second screen to enhance multitasking. In addition, employees who are not comfortable using the integrated mouse or keyboard of a laptop can connect external devices that suit their needs.

Desktops occupy more space in a workstation (Korhan, 2011). They cannot be moved from their position. The stationary status of desktops makes them inefficient and unpreferable in the modern world.

Laptops promote instant access to information to people wherever they are. It leads to better collaboration between workers. Employees can access up-to-date information on the company and work on task in their homes (Onsorodi, 2011).


Modern laptops and desktops offer high performance and speed on carrying out of task. Modern laptops unlike a desktop, are integrated with modern hardware that is fast and reliable. This makes them more expensive than desktops.


The benefits offered by mobile computing are impossible to ignore. Acme Business Services group employees require new computers and I would recommend laptops. Each of the ten employees requires his/her computer and one server pc. The server pc will be used to store the companies documents and keep the Acme Business Services group database updated. All modern laptops are integrated with a Wi-Fi card, and it will lead to efficient file sharing and access by all employees. The comparison of laptops to desktops indicates that although desktops will be cheaper to buy, their upgrade may require additional cost, unlike laptops that are purchased with every component built internally.

The budget provided is enough to buy each employee a high-level and high-performance computer. The total amount of money for the items would amount to 6,864.89 dollars. If the server pc is not included, the total amount of buying the laptops would be 5,999.9 dollars. Laptops would be used immediately especially because the company has internet access. The remaining amount of money can cater for additional costs such as buying laptop bags and other minor expenses. In conclusion, buying laptops quickly solve the company's problem.


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