Reaction and Opinion to the Book

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Date:  2021-03-12

The book is written using simple and understandable language. It mainly aims to show the relationship that old and young people should have. The book aims to explain that old people should act as mentors to young people just as the old fisherman did to the young boy. One opinion about the book is that it serves an educative purpose in the lives of both young and old generations.

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To the young generation, it teaches the need to be obedient even if one does not agree with their elder's opinions. For example, the boy in the book did not want to live the old man. However, he had to stop fishing with him after his parents told him that the old man had bad luck. Contrary to this, the book calls upon young people to think critically about their actions and make informed decisions. For instance despite being told that it was fruitless fishing with the old man, the young boy did not stop visiting him, providing food, and lending a hand whenever the old man needed him.

The book teaches humility to old people, for example, the book states that the old man felt nice being simple. On the same note, it teaches both the young and old people never to give up in life affairs. The old fisherman tried and failed eighty-four times. However, he still had high hopes that he would make a big catch one day. And going by his hopes, he made a tremendous catch on the eighty-fifth day. A great catch that almost ended his life.

It further teaches that productive relationships can thrive among old and young people. Were it not for the old man the young boy would not have learnt how to fish. Similarly, the old man kept wishing that the boy was there with him when he caught that fish that outweighed him because he was old but with the boy he believed that they would have pulled the fish into his skiff.

Recommended audiences/readers

This book can be recommended to two groups of people. The first group is young ones who will learn to take responsibilities and caring roles not only to their sibling but also to people around them. Young children can emulate the boy in the story and learn how he took care of the old man by providing food and took responsibly for different other activities that made the fisherman's life worth living. The young people will also learn to be obedient and make informed decisions. For instance, young people reading the book can decide to make informed decisions as the story did when he decided to back and fish with the old man because he knew he still had a lot to learn.

The second group that should read the book are those who are trying to succeed in life but keep meeting obstacles. By looking at the number of times the old man failed but still had hopes that he will make a catch, such people may find reasons to be hopeful in achieving their dreams no matter how long it takes. They can also learn that failure should not be used as an excuse to give up on people's dreams. However, it should act as a platform of starting a new by using different strategies like the old man did.

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