RE: Smith v Proctor Construction Ltd-Renovation FailureFile No. 230-76487

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Date:  2022-10-10

It was a pleasure meeting with you last week. I write to you reporting on the attendance we had last week following your complaints against Proctor Construction Ltd. According to your request, our law firm researched whether you can claim legal actions against Proctor Construction Ltd for refusing to comply by your deadline and having a poorly done kitchen by 30th May 2018. However, we understand the facts which state that you entered into a one year contract with Mr. McGregor who owns Proctor Construction Ltd on 30th May 2017 to 30th May 2018. You agreed to pay a deposit of 9,500 Dollars and stressed that you need the kitchen to be done within one year.

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By the end of 30th May 2018, the construction firm had not completed the assigned project. The kitchen was important since it was to host John Smith's parents for their 28th anniversary party. I understand that you were forced to rent a party hall for the occasion and spent $1800. You hoped that giving out more time to Proctor Construction Ltd would have the kitchen perfectly done. I learn that in June 30, you realized that the service was not completed to your quality standards.

Proctor's services proved not to comply by the agreement and the demands you made before signing the contract. Your request for a purple color for the tiles was not met. Additionally, the Air Conditioner that you said should be installed was not fixed. The poor services led you to contracting another construction firm. You relieved Proctor off their duties and signed a contract with House Well Firm.

You expected that House Well will commence the work and correct under your requirements. You were forced to pay an extra $6000 for the company to start the work. By being frustrated, you asked to file a lawsuit against Proctor Construction Ltd for the poor work. Your issue was that you be paid the full amount for the renovation services paid to House Well Firm and the cost you incurred to rent a party hall during your parents' wedding anniversary.

You went through the punitive damages and how they work and requested that you want a judge to ask Proctor to pay for their unprofessionalism and the incurred costs. I suggested that punitive damages might not be applicable in your case since your indications do not suggest malice in the services that Proctor offered. I advised you to file a lawsuit against Proctor for breaching contract on the renovation of the kitchen house and ask for a refund for the payment of the unaccomplished contract.

I took you the whole process of starting a court proceeding and how to file the complaint against Proctor. You suggested that it would be nice if I worked with you through the whole lawsuit process. You agreed to sign a contract and pay $10000 within 2 weeks for defending your claims in court. Once the payment is done, I will start filing suitable information that will support your claims.

Yours truly,


Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw

Licensed Paralegal

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