Quality Assurance Plan for the Accounting Firm - Coursework

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Date:  2021-04-14

Develop a continuous improvement plan

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A continuous improvement plan is a plan that has been drafted down by an organization that has to be followed by the employees in that organization. The performance of the workers may not always be up to the expected since the employees may perceive differently and work differently. The performance may be excellent, good, and poor or maybe said to be above the standards of the organization at hand. Collecting information about the breakdown that may arise in the organization so as to be able to put in place corrective measures that will be helpful to minimize or even stop the reoccurrence of the same mischief (Duffuaa, Raouf, & Campbell,1999).

The standards at which the performance of the employees in an organization are in a way evaluated and results deduced reviews are made and adjusted where necessary to improve performance. The human resource manager is responsible for the quality improvement of the employees, preparing a clear cut spreadsheet and a clear presentation of the result and emailing the results to the stakeholders to keep them informed on the progress of the performance and give them a time span of a minimum of half a year to review the business procedures.


Report from the quality assurance manager

Features of IT business model for the firm

The accounting department in an organization is the essential department, and so it has to have the following features of IT business:

Have a system that will be super first and accurate in the calculation and utilization of time.
Have an IT system that will have to link both the hardware and software for compatibility.
A clear-cut accounting system that is well understood by everyone in the organization.
Have a system that will be able to allow room for innovation in the organization.

What is the quality assurance plan for the accounting firm?

The quality assurance program for the accounting department is to ensure that the accounting department has been introduced to the latest and new systems that will be used by the employees to deliver efficiently and on time.

Steps involved in implementing the quality plan:

The quality assurance plan of the firm has been outlined in point form below

Educate and enlighten employees on how to use the new software of accounting.
Plan on how to introduce the new changes and technologies gradually in the firm.
Slowly put to use the new technology and system as you monitor its function and performance.
Fully introduce the systems to the board and put them in action.

How to control and monitor the quality assurance process

Controlling and monitoring the quality assurance process will be made a success in the sense that as the manager will be able to set a buck up system that will be used to monitor all the activities that are being done by the employees(Osterwalder, & Pigneur, 2013).

List any defects identified and measures taken to modify.

The new systems that have been introduced are facing resistance by the workers in the sense that they are so much rigid within the meaning that they dont what to let go the older system of accounting.

This has been modified in the essence that the employees are taken to training on the use of the same system and told the importance of the same.

The use of the new accounting systems that are compatible with almost all the other systems in the firm so that the retrieval and transmission of information will be easier thus making the work of the accounting department to be easier.


IT has significantly influenced the accounting department in the sense that it has come up with simpler systems that have eased up the calculation and be able to link up the departments in the firm thus making the operations of the organization. The introduction of IT has made the systems, and the hardwires be compatible so as to be able to retrieve and link up information directly.


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Osterwalder, A. & Pigneur, Y. (2013). Business model generation: a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

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