Evaluation Essay on Apple Inc

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Date:  2022-04-04

Evaluation of Apple's Strategies Since 1990

Apple Inc. As accompany have established itself in the computing market. It is one of the best selling company that we have to reckon with today. Its ability to expand globally has grown as it causes jitters among its competitors. In 2007, the then known as Apple computers took a different path altogether shedding one of its brand names and adding another thus becoming known to apple inc from apple computer. It is at the time that the company also made a move from its historic status of being a vendor of Macintosh personal computers the PC. Among some of the decisive strategies included internal changes. The then CEO Spindler took a drastic measure by cutting cost by laying off about 2500 employees. At the time, Apple reduced its spending on R&D to six percent of sales. Internal expansion: this became one the key objective for Spindler. In 1992, about 45% of the company's sales were from the US. However, Japan was one of the markets where Apple had enjoyed success. At the time, Apple was able to muscle 14% of the Japanese market before a price war with Fujitsu from which Apple decided to impose a price cut. For a period, apple product was incompatible with other PCs and other products. This was a point of concern to the potential customers and Jobs came up with a lasting solution. He announced a mission to collaborate with Microsoft in a deal worth $150 million for development of core products like MS Office for Macs.

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Apple's Initial Strategy for the iPhone

Several decades after being found by a group of ambitious men, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak were posted at the realms of greatness. Since its inception, the company endeavors robust strategies by bringing an easy to use computers to the market. The company launched Apple II, which sparked a computing revolution globally. Their competitive ideology was to change in 1981 when apple worthy competitor the IBM entered the market. By 1984, Macintosh became one of the novelty brand released by Apple Inc marking a breakthrough in the ease of use, technical elegance as well as compatible software. One of the most exploited strategy apple employed was contracting visionary manager who could translate their expertise to the growth of the company. Breakthrough began when jobs were relieved of his operational role and picking John Sculley as the CEO. Informed of the task ahead, John sought to create apple as a leader in desktop publishing in cooperating education into it by making apple to infiltrate the corporate world. This era saw the introduction of superior software such as Adobe, peripherals, and PageMaker.

Apple's Competitive Advantages

From the onset, Apple had numerous competitive advantages that propelled it to a profitable business. The PCs relied on proprietary designs on which Apple Inc alone that could; produce. It Macintosh was user-friendly and had an industrial design. Many people craved for the qualities of Apple products, and Apple was able to take advantage and penetrated the corporate sector. They capitalized on Mac, which was perceived as the best in desktop publishing. As well, Apple was capable of holding about 50% of education sector besides controlling the Mac entirely in both its software and hardware.

Sustainability of Apple's Competitive Position in PCs, MP3 Players, and Smart Phones

The apple's competitiveness in the market is presenting one of the trusted means to the dynamic nature of marketing trends. Its products are there to continue causing ripples in the market due to their designs. Smartphone products of the Apple brand have these attributable characteristics that make these products to soar in the market is the sleekness in design, simple user interface, large capacity for storage and future of iTunes, which is uniquely apple's brainchild. For the iPhones, some of the features that make then turn around include a wide screen with touch controls, revolutionary mobile phones, as well as the breakthrough in internet communication. On mp3s, the apple product operates on the peripherals such as the use of Bluetooth, memory stick, and other large data storage devices.

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