Psychosocial Assessment of MedStar National Rehabilitation Network Paper Example

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Psychological assessment involves the process of testing different processes and combination to arrive at a significant hypothesis about an individual and their personality, behaviors and different capabilities. The process involves psychological testing procedures which are being carried out by a certified professional psychologist.

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Agency Context

MedStar National Rehabilitation Network commonly abbreviated as (MedStar NRH) is an American based healthcare organization having its headquarters in Washington DC. The health system specializes in treating patients with physical disabilities, including stroke, arthritis, brain injury, amputation and other neurological disorders (Spring, 2010). The hospital was founded in 1996 by Edward Eckenhoff. Moreover, MedStar NRH has developed from a single hospital into the formation of the hospital network, which assists in providing inpatients, day treatment programs and outpatient treatments (spring, 2010). The mission of MedStar NRH is to serve the surroundings as a regional and a national leader in the rehabilitation in five important jurisdictions that comprise: rehabilitation research, educational training of the community and professionals and different advocacy initiatives. The network assists about 350000 people in terms of an ambulatory visit every year and since the incorporation, MedStar NRH has admitted excess of 35000 inpatients besides conducting 2 million outpatient visits (Spring, 2010).

Referral information

Due to the hospital reputation that has been outstanding as compared to other health cares for treating such disorders as stroke, the client clearly stated that "I have been battling with stroke for quite sometimes and when my long-term friend John learned about my health condition, he told me how Medstar NRH was the best place I could receive the best medications" Moreover, the client stated that he has been attended to in more than one healthcare but he hasn't seen any improvements on his health condition. The client has said it is a pleasure being in the hospital especially after getting testimonials from previous patients like Johns cousin, Franklin. The client said, "I feel very much confidence being in Medstar and I believe am going to receive the best treatment hear so it's a great pleasure to be attended to in the hospital". The client was referred for the sole purpose of getting proper medical attention for his long-term battling with stroke condition. The client stated that the main reason for his referral by John his friend was to enable him to get rid of his condition and once again get a good job and provide for his family since he was the breadwinner of his family being that his wife was not employed.

Client information

The client is a 45-year-old white male accountant, who has been suffering from a stroke at home over the past two years. The client lives at home with his wife and he was a former employee of the state government in the accounts department. In addition, the client resides in washing DC with his wife and four children and holds a bachelor's degree in accounting. The client does not drink nor smoke and has never fallen a victim of substance abuse. He has never been in the military and he is a staunch Christian. The client is a tall overweight man with short hair. His four children lives and goes to school in Washington and his main source of income was from the employment.

Client issue

The client has been battling with stroke for the past two years and due to his condition, he has been referred to Medstar NRH by his friend. A stroke is a disorder that affects the brain and can affect anyone at any stage in life (Fisher, 2009). The condition mostly occurs when blood flow to a designated area of the brain is cut off. When this takes place, the victim's brain cells are deprived of enough oxygen and begin to die, and when the brain cells die during the process, memory abilities controlled by that area is lost (Fisher, 2009). How a person is affected by stroke varies from individual to individual and it solely lies on where the stroke occurs and how damaged is the brain. For instance, someone having a minor stroke may be permanently paralyzed on one body part and losing their ability to speak. While some people may as well recover completely from the condition, however, more than 2/3 of the condition survivors will have some other types of disability (Fisher, 2009).

Studies conducted by Medstar NRH, department of research in conjunction with Stanford Stroke Centre. Reveals that every year, about 800,000 people experience a unique or recurrent type of stroke (Fisher, 2009). Moreover, the two agencies revealed that the stroke happens after every second and it is one of the major leading causes of many deaths in the United States (Fisher, 2009). The condition has got some signs like the victim experiencing sudden numbness, difficulty in speaking, trouble seeing with both eyes, problem of staying balanced and weakness on some body part like the legs. The patient said "all I want is for my condition to be treated so that I can go back to my normal health status and carry out some other duties that I cannot undertake now"

The client views his condition as a difficult condition to cope with, he says "I find it difficult to live with this condition since most of the time am feeling week and tired making me not to perform any work, I am becoming a burden to my family and I don't like that" Further, the patient asserts that the condition made him leave his job of which he could earn a living for his family due to writing difficulties that the condition brought (Hodge, 2005). His close friends together with his wife describe the condition as a serious threat to human lives that needs immediate medical attention once somebody has been diagnosed with. Consequently, the agency views the condition as a killer condition that distorts someone's reasoning and hence has conducted different initiatives to ensure that people are screened to identify the condition at an earlier stage to ensure timely medical attention is given (Hodge, 2005).

The client's wife who accompanied him to the agency narrates that the condition started when her husband was working in the government department as an accountant. She said" my husband come home during summer holidays and suddenly started complaining of numbness on the right side of his face, and with time his speech became slurred followed by his left arm becoming weak" afterwards the client had no other option by to quit his job. The client revealed that, he has been seeking medical attention from the time he was diagnosed to be suffering from this condition, however, he admits that at first, he thought the condition was not something serious and delayed seeking medical attention hoping the condition signs to disappear, but as days moved on, his condition was worsening day by day. He says he has never seen any significant change despite sacrificing financially to seek the best medications in other hospitals

Client data

The client was born at his father's farm in popes' creek in Washington DC on March 22, 1973. His parents raised him up in a middle-class family. He was brought up in Washington ever since his childhood during the 1960s. In 2009, the client married his wife and afterward was blessed with four kids of whom they live within Washington till date. The client family history reveals the condition has been on the family lineage since the client family has been having a tendency of being under diabetes medication besides being diagnosed with high blood pressure. The client stroke seems to have originated from genetic disorders of the family which blocks blood flow back to the client's brain (Hodge, 2005). After 10 years of service in the state government, the client started experiencing sign and symptoms of stroke which eventually made him voluntarily leave his work when he could not be competent in his work anymore.

The client 45 years old white male has a past medical history significant for his present health status. The client has been battling with stroke for about two years. The client stroke condition has been gradually worsening due to lack of proper medical attention. The client seeks to care for his condition at this time because he believes that Medstar is the right hospital that he would find a lasting solution to this condition. The client is experiencing a lot of difficulties which is relatively constant ever since he was diagnosed with the stroke. The client describes the pain and difficulty he is experiencing as being associated with the majority of his body parts becoming pale and weak and he has tried all means to get over the condition but to no avail. The client endorses a 6lb weight loss over the past 5 months, decrease food appetite and fatigue (Hodge, 2005).

Moreover, the client reveals that he has been experiencing some drenching night sweets that necessitate him to change his shirt during the night. The client endorses weakness in the face with some bowel movements. He endorses difficulty in speaking and trouble seeing with both eyes. In addition, the patient past medical history has been marred with hypertension, which was diagnosed 5 years ago (Hodge, 2005).

The client mental health history has been accompanied by mental derangement over the past one year, one year after being diagnosed with the stroke. The condition has made the client have a different personal appearance and having difficulty in social interaction with others. However, the client does not use any substance. The client attended Reed University College where he attained his degree in accountancy before later being employed by the state government. The client has never had any previous employment history.

The social life of the patient has not been on a good record in terms of exercise-related concern. The patient says that most of close friend and him spent a lot of time sitting down and playing cards. As a matter of fact, this is significant information that can contribute to the present condition of the patient (Spring, 2010). A sedentary lifestyle associated with the client social life which was accompanied by a lot of sitting might have increased the likelihood of the client having obesity which eventually caused high blood pressure leading to the stroke condition of the patient. If the client would have participated in exercise or sporting activities, the chances of contracting the condition would have been minimized (Spring, 2010). The client has never been in the military.

Having been a victim of circumstance and being apprehended by the police due to late night walk with his colleagues, the client didn't have a smooth treatment in the prison cells despite being apprehended to less than 6 days. The conditions under which the prison cells are cleaned are not up to the standards and the medical attention being offered in prison is under the standard. Moreover, the client reveals that, prisoners are being subjected to poor services besides brutal treatment and after being ill, the is lack of proper medication as well, according to the 2006 report by the united states justice department, prisoners were found to be vulnerable than the general public to be experiencing serious illness that requires standard medical attention (Spring, 2010). For instance, about 45% of the prisoners have been reported to be having cancer and stroke-related issues which is much higher than that of the general population is 31% this is some of the originating factors that have contributed to the condition of the patient(Hepworth, Rooney & Gottfried, 2013).

The life cycle of the client is one of the significant factors that contributed to him being vulnerable to the condition. Lack of congruence in relation to needs in an individual lifecycle can make som...

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