Prudent Decision-Making Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Initially, I used to spend much of my time playing video games. I got addicted to the trend to the extent that it interfered with my studies. I spent most of my time in my room playing video games and could hardly concentrate on my studies. That worried my parents, and they had to find a way of stopping the habit. I had solely chosen video games as my full-time activity. My grades and performance in school were therefore held at ransom with the activities. My parents tried talking to me and even adopted punitive measures that could deter my habit. That meant that I had to choose between my studies and video games. First, the decision was a difficult one to make. Stopping playing video games would mean that I could study more often and that could mean boredom from my perspective. On the other hand, choosing video games over studies could imply a deterioration of my academic performance.

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However, despite all the factors, I had to make a decision that could influence my well-being. I had to make a decision that could ensure a balance of the two without either factor overriding each other. Therefore, I chose to concentrate on my studies on playing video games. I analyzed the consequences and realized that my reviews were more critical compared to the video games. One of the essential factors that influenced my decision to concentrate on my studies and lessen my time for playing video games is the counseling that my parents adopted for my habit. They pleaded with me stressing that the games were part of extra-curricular activities and I could only pursue such interests at my free time after ensuring that I had completed my schoolwork. Additionally, my performance and my future aspirations made me realize that my studies were more important compared to the video games. I could only achieve my dreams through hard work and the successful completion of my studies. Playing video games was not part of the process that could lead to achieving such goals.

I decided to reflect on the time I wasted on playing video games and how it influenced my studies. I asked myself several questions on the effects of abandoning the video games for a while and incorporating such periods into studying. After analysis, I saw that it was prudent to concentrate on my studies and play the games when I had little to accomplish regarding schoolwork. Besides, I reflected on making my parents happy since abandoning the video games could create an understanding between my parent and I.


I believe I applied the prudence of decision making in ensuring that I quit the video games and adjust to settling over my studies. That is because I analyzed the risk factors that such games could subject me to and ensured that the benefits overrode the disadvantages of quitting the video games. Additionally, I believe I applied the prudence of decision-making since I focused on my future ambitions, which could otherwise be tattered by the time wasted on video games. I decided to play video games when I had nothing to accomplish, and that is among the principles of the prudence of decision making as highlighted by Brown (2006). The prudence of decision-making helped me to be rational and avoid being confined within my previous line of thoughts.

Work Cited

Brown, Jay C. "The effects of behavioral and outcome feedback on prudent decision-making under conditions of present and future uncertainty." (2006).

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