Proposing Action to Enhance Career Planning & Retain Talented Employees - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-22


Being the head of Human Resource (H.R.), I have proposed some key changes to the career planning and development program as a response to the incident, which involved Bob resigning after expressing certain concerns with his future at the plant. Some specific actions need to be taken to prevent future resignations like Bob’s. A lack of an effective career development opportunity is unarguably the leading indicator that a firm will not be able to retain its talented research. Often, both employees and employers blame each other for poor career development; however, the ones responsible for the management of an employee’s career are both the employer and the employee. Since it cannot be done unilaterally, it should be a collaborative effort between the employee and employer.

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The following are steps that need to be taken by the firm to prevent employees from leaving in the future. One is that more new growth opportunities need to be provided by the firm. In an online survey conducted by ORC International, career growth ranked first as the most significant in a professional career, in second, came job security. Job claimed that he felt his future was not at the plan; there were not enough opportunities for him to grow; he did not have job security. The management should check in with the employees regularly to find out what are their job concerns and how they would like those concerns to be raised. Another concern raised by Bob is not getting enough information on the available openings; this should be changed in the program. This concern can be addressed by making certain employees receive sufficient updates on new career openings in the company. Emails can be sent to every deserving employee notifying them of the openings, asking them to fill out in time. Paining the bigger picture to employees is also as important; reminding the employees of their worth to the company, keeps them motivated and adds meaning to their role. The plant should also create a well-laid-out succession plan program. Bob was not aware the plant manager was leaving to the corporate office in about a year, if he knew, perhaps this would have stopped him from resigning. Creating an effective succession plan will show assure the staff members of future evolvement in their careers.

In implementing these changes, there will be certain challenges like generational communication with the employees, having a career growth conversation, and uncertainty after promotion. To implement these changes, I would need the full support of the H.R. team. Also, the employees’ opinions would count a lot; they will be asked how they feel about the changes and what they would like to be addressed that has not yet been addressed in the changes. The manager’s help assistance would also be required in implementing the changes. The outcomes of an effective career development program should include retaining the company’s top talents and, at the same time, attracting more talent. It should lead to reduced employee frustration and also improving the organization’s goodwill. An effective career development plan should lead to a greater understanding of the organization and be able to cultivate a supportive culture.

On workers’ development and performance strategy of the company, the changes will have drastic impacts, which include improving workers’ motivation, integrate the needs of all employees with career opportunities, improve job performance if the employee desires employee development, and prevent future resignation. As an outline of the new career planning and development program, I would recommend the following policy; the plant will provide all of the employees with a program of continuous career development that is tailored to their position, meets with the company’s goals, and complies with all legal requirements.


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