Trumps Proposal and Their Budgetary Impacts Essay

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Date:  2022-09-21

Trump being the American most ambitious president was elected due to his ambitious agenda and desire to get most things done. His top priorities in his administration have been healthcare, immigration, welfare, and infrastructure.

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Donald Trump's economic policy

Donald Trump's fiscal strategies that were aforementioned in his campaign pledges comprise immigration minimization, commerce protectionism, individual as well as business tax reforms, and the revoke of "Obamacare" (patient guard and inexpensive health care act).

Bills to rescind and substitute the inexpensive care act "Obamacare" failed to go through in mid-2017. Conversely, his levy reforms got signed into law in late 2017, which encompassed significant tax slashes for the upper-income taxpayer. Furthermore, the proposal included tax cuts for firms as well as revoke of crucial Obamacare element. The congregational budget office conveyed that lower salary earners would experience net costs under the tax policy, either through being highly taxed or getting fewer government benefits.

Trump's economic results had some variables improving and others getting worse comparative to previous years. The GDP, a value of both production and revenue, grew by a slight 2.3% in 2017 compared to 1.5% in 2016. Trump's economic policy significantly raised the budget shortages and the United States liability trajectory throughout 2018-2028. Notably, the budget shortfall increased from $587 billion in the previous year to $665 billion in the year 2017, a rise of $78 billion or 12%, the uppermost level ever since 2013. Furthermore, the debt raise projected by the congregational budget office for 2018-2028 period have raised from $9.4 trillion that Donald trump passed on from Obama to $13.7 trillion. This is according to the budget and economic outlook 2018-2028 article.

Donald Trump foreign policy

Secondly, Trump proposed a foreign policy in his administration which includes an emphasis on defense, through combating terrorists overseas and solidification of border security and immigration limiting through expanding of United States military and use of diplomacy whereby "ancient foes became friends." In his initial financial plan proposal, Trump suggested $54 billion surges in defense expenditure. He argued that the rise would be paramount in fighting terrorism, boosting troop's promptness, and shaping new water vessels and aircraft. According to Montanaro (2017), the proposal had a significant impact on budgetary plans in that deep slashes to other agencies would pay the defense expense as well as a 28% budget cut from the state department financial plan.

The legislative process for the budget

Firstly, the president puts forward a financial plan proposal to the Congress each February for the coming fiscal year. Secondly, the budgetary house committee and the Senate budget committee each write and ballot on their financial plan resolutions. Thirdly, the appropriations committee in both houses is accountable for determining the clear-cut levels of the budget authority, or permissible expenditure, for entire discretionary programs. Fourthly, both Congress and the Senate ballot on assumption bills and settles the differences. Lastly, the president appends a signature to every appropriation bill, after it has passed Congress, into law. The budget process is over when the president asserts all the 12 appropriation bills. After budget adoption, the legislature gives oversight to its implementation and formulates a supplementary budget for the government departments that had a deficit in their original budgetary allocation.

Factors that influence or constrain how the legislature deliberates

The legislature in its deliberations gets influenced by a couple of factors which includes: their political afflictions of legislative members, the president, and their constituents (Kerwin & Furlong, 2018). The legislature is organized along political party lines. For instance, the party influences how earmarks and budgets get formulated. On the other hand, the president strongly influences how the Congress deliberates. For example, if the president is from the same political party with the Congress, the Congress tend to vote with him. Lastly, members of the legislature get significantly influenced by their constituents. They attentively give an ear to their voters and activists from their respective districts.

How agencies influence the legislature

Interest groups/agencies play a very significant role in the legislature in that they are the most reliable sources of information for the parliament. The agencies conduct specific research that the members of the Congress requests and the reliability of their information highly depends on their reputation (Kerwin & Furlong, 2018).


To sum up, the aforementioned Trump's policy significantly affected the budget in that they caused budget deficit which attracted significant tax cuts on taxpayers and corporations as well as budget cuts on the state department to supplement the policy's budgetary requirements. Besides, trump administration should focus on balancing budgetary requirements across all government departments as well as proposed strategies to ensure that the projected 2018-2028 debt gets significantly reduced.


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