Why Is Blinds To Go Having Difficulty Attracting and Retaining Retail Staff?

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Date:  2021-06-22

Causes of retail recruitment challenges.

The struggles experienced by Blinds To Go (BTG) when it comes to attracting and retaining retail staffing problems can be attributed to the recent changes introduced by the company. The Vice President of the Stores Operations, who was recently appointed, has embarked on the implementation of the new compensation structure shifting from commission-based structure to salary-oriented plan, which lowered the satisfaction levels of the employees. The commission-based structure was favored by retail staff since it allowed them to earn more depending on the Blinds To Go sales made. The introduced demands which compel the sales associates to work on a fixed hourly wage rate is also discouraging. For instance, as opposed to focusing on more sales, ultimately increasing their income, the sales associates will be forced to concentrate on the provision of the Blinds To Go customer service, thus lowering their morale.

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BTG recruitment standards are also high which have hampered the organizations efforts in hiring the new workforce. This usually makes the possible recruits to fall short of the requirements thus being under qualified as far as meeting the required standards is concerned. There are no clear structures or policies on employee promotion. Such uncertainties in BTG also discourages individuals who are seeking career growth. Consistent pressure on employees to deliver is also another reason behind BTGs inability to retain its personnel.improve

What recruitment recommendations would you give to BTG to improve the hiring process?

Apparently, the staffing process at BTG is facing hiring challenges especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining its workforce. There is the need of devising strategies that can enable BTG to improve the recruitment process. It is recommended that BTG should abandon the compensation plan introduced by the vice president and revert to the commission-based system. The commission-based compensation plan will act as a motivation factor to the employees since the more sales they make, the more income they earn. This will ultimately boost BTGs volume of sales at the same time improving the company's ability to retain as well as attracting new employees.

BTG should introduce an effective employee appraisal system which will be utilized in the process of measuring and evaluating the job performances of its personnel team. Furthermore, the system will play a significant role in the implementation of a fair approach used in salary increment and promotions for its employees. This will eradicate an element of uncertainties experienced by BTGs staff due to the company's failure to outline clear strategies when it comes to rewarding its top-performing workers. The company should also introduce training programs that will help the workforce achieve the expertise and standards that are emphasized in BTG.

What are the essential characteristics of the HR system at BTG?

The BTG HR system is characterized by ambitious goals that are aiming at improving the output of an organization. For example, BTG is focused on opening at least 50 stores every year in the next five years. This implies that the company needs to recruit more employees to cater for increased workload thus maintaining the quality of the enterprise's services. BTGs HR system is also flexible and dynamic. The management is ready to implement different changes in the company's operations to ensure the targets are met. After her appointment, the vice president of the store operation introduced a new compensation plan. Her intention was to attract more recruits for BTG. However, the failure of this system compelled the management to revert to its previous commission-based compensation system. This was an indication that BTGs HR was willing to introduce new tweaks that can propel an organization towards success.


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