Proposal for Information System to Palace Hotel

Date:  2021-04-19 22:12:40
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According to Business an information system is a combination of hardware, software, infrastructure and trained personnel organized to facilitate planning, control, coordination and decision making in an organization. This proposal is about online booking information for Palace Hotel. This is a 5 star hotel in Zanzibar that offers exceptional and top quality services on high-end meals prepared by highly trained professional chefs , ensuite bedrooms for lodging and a wide range of guest services.

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Currently Palace Hotel only has a telephoning system where people call to book for meals and accommodations. This is has brought about inefficiency and infectiveness to the hotel in that a lot of time and costs is spent and wrong bookings are also made on their telephone booking system when trying to make reservations for their customers which is ending up being more than a weakness over some of their competitors whose already have online reservation systems. My online reservation system proposal will provide a reliable and efficient online reservation platform to the Palace Hotel clients. Through this system clients can view for meal prices, accommodation and other services provided. On the accommodation it should allow the client to view on all the reservations he/she can and also at the same time allow him/her to review their previous orders, notify the client if a cancellation has been done on the bookings and find similar items in case they cannot make a reservation on what they wanted and also allow them to enter their schematic information (name, passport number & country) and preferred year, date and time of reservation.

On the management side this system will provide and efficient and effective database to audit every single transaction and manage all the clients schematic information details as opposed to their current telephone booking system which doesnt keep a hold (database) of their clients and also send a email/short message service to the hotel administrator about a new booking. This system needs at least two well updated desktop/laptop computers with 2bg + RAM with 2.2 + GHz duo-core processors and 500 + Gb Hard disk running on Windows/Linux/Mac operating systems with an internet connection. The main advantages of this online reservation system is efficiency and reliability in service and operations to both the client and hotel management respectively, profit optimization and facility improvisation by helping to cut unneeded costs related to their previous system, 24/7 full time operation in that a client can make a reservation at any time of the day/night and also helping to maintain a client database where the system will automatically keep a record of the information as requested by the client and creatively helping the management to obtain a statistical data.

The only budget needed will be on the system developer and computers to be purchased to help run the reservation system through an internet connection.

Resource Cost

Two System Developers 50,000 us dollars each

Two desktop/laptops computers 1200 us dollars each

Figure 1: Palace Hotel Online Reservation System Budgetary Allocation

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