Report Example on New Belgium Brewing

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Date:  2024-01-11


Sometimes a conflict arises between the company's sale of products that may have adverse effects on the consumers and its ability to engage in socially responsible activities (McCorry, 2011). New Belgium has been able to balance selling their products and being socially responsible, which has benefited them significantly through an increase in customer loyalty. New Belgium has continuously engaged in sustainable social responsibility through its philanthropic deeds. The communities that buy NBB products benefit from the company's sustainable social responsibility. Although the company deals with the products seen by many as having negative effects, they deal with the conflict by ensuring that one percent of their sales go to donations. The employees also engage in CSR by engaging with other stakeholders to, for example, assist people who, for example, become homeless due to incidences of fire or other reasons.

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Social Responsibilities

The decisions on which social responsibilities to engage in are made by the NBB philanthropic committee (McCorry, 2011). The committee comprises employees, managers, leaders of different areas, and production workers. The committee focuses on organizations that are diverse, creative, and innovative as per their objectives and mission. The company also has a bulletin board where different community involvement activities are posted and where the community and nonprofit organizations can post about their needs and seek help from the company. Social responsibility is also undertaken through their website, where organizations can seek grants. NBB participates in sustainable agriculture, environmental education, water conservation, advocacy on the use of bikes, among others.

Work Environment

NBB is among the best places to work; therefore, there are things that can be implemented in your work environment to promote social responsibility and promote employee performance and well-being. Apart from undertaking social responsibility, NBB has an employee wellness program whose objective is to encourage employees to stay healthy. This is achieved by ensuring that all employees are 100 percent covered by the insurance and that the preventive visits to the doctors are also taken care of (McCorry, 2011). Additionally, the employees are given an opportunity of choosing wellness programs that they prefer. NBB gives employees money that they can use to fund wellness activities such as gym, club sports, or activity trackers. Additionally, employees have access to cooking classes, monthly massages, and wellness challenges. Apart from the wellness benefits, NBB employees benefit from paid caregiver leave. Employees who have given birth, those who are taking care of their sick spouse family member, or an aging family member are paid during their leave.


A company that solely focuses on the bottom line, which from the business perspective means the income faces many dangers. Making the profits, the only objective will not make the business the best. Focusing only on profits is not sustainable; therefore, businesses should engage in other activities whose objective is to give back to the community. By engaging in social activities, NBB has attracted new customers, and its profit has increased (McCorry, 2011). One of the dangers of focusing on the bottom line is that it creates a negative impact on the employees, the community, and the customers. Organizations that focus only on profits create a perception among the employees and the customers that it is autocratic and not willing to help in solving social problems. Focusing on the bottom line only creates conflicts between the community members and the company as well as with the customers. This may hinder the organization from attracting new loyal customers.


McCorry, K. J. (2011). New Belgium Brewery. A Simple Path to Sustainability, 137.

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