Project Manager Role: Anxious but Satisfying Job - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-04


Ideally, working as a project manager can, at times, be overwhelming but, on the upside, it is a fulfilling and satisfying job primarily because it promotes cooperation as well as sharing the acquired knowledge with the project's team from diverse backgrounds. As such, one primary reason why Andy is extremely anxious and significantly insists that they should take upon the HiForce project is that they have been preferred amongst numerous consulting firms that had sent their proposals as a result of their promise to the company to provide their leading system engineering services. Therefore, one of their responsibility would be to lead the entire HiForce project by planning, executing, controlling, and overseeing its completion.

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What Is Wrong with Andy's Approach to Handling This Situation?

Firstly, Andy's reaction and approach to the entire situation are confusing and wrong, reflecting on some of the mistakes often conducted by most project managers. Not following a specific process to initiate and recruit the team members as well as failure to adequately plan the delegation are some of the mistakes that make Andy's approach incorrect.

What Should Tracy Do to Resolve This Situation?

One significant solution that Tracy should apply in this particular situation is to organize a problem-solving meeting where she would address the issue raised by Andy, which is undoubtedly going to affect their already started Captera Project.

What Advantages and Disadvantages of The Matrix-Type Organization Are Apparent from This Story?

A matrix-type organization structure is adequately described as the combination of two organizational structures like the functional organization and the project-oriented organization (Burke & Barron, 2015). Specific advantages that are apparent from the case study include several people are working on a project at the same time, and this is expected to give the company more returns regarding their human capital. Another advantage is that it allows the organization to achieve readiness to initiate a project and higher efficiency. However, one disadvantage with the matrix structure that is evident in this case is the conflict of loyalty among the different project managers.

What Should Jeff Do?

The ideal objective of any project manager is to initiate the project and oversee it to its completion. However, in this case, Jeff is forced to change from one project to the newly obtained project due to unanticipated circumstances.In this situation, Jeff is bound to transfer from Marie's Captera Project to the HiForce Project, which will be more challenging for him and give him a chance to progress his knowledge and learn new things.

What Could Have Been Done to Prevent This Situation?

The most significant solution to this situation would be to recruit more members to be part of the team and promote teamwork, and this would effectively help eliminate any issues of competing for the available workforce.

How Could Each of The Four Individuals Have Handled This Situation Better?

For Andy, he should have ensured that the information concerning the HiForce project is decentralized, and everyone is updated on the project status all through. Jeff, on the other hand, should have completed the project he was already engaged in before shifting to the other project to prevent inconveniences. Tracy should have implemented excellent planning techniques to control Marie's project effectively, and lastly for Marie should have taken time to refocus the project and reschedule the task that was carried out by Jeff.


Burke, R., & Barron, S. (2015). Project Organization Structures. In Project Management Leadership, 4(4), 31.

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