Project Proposal for Increase the Profits and Augment the Product Portfolio of the Seamus Company

Paper Type:  Research proposal
Pages:  5
Wordcount:  1148 Words
Date:  2023-01-26

Abstract: Summary of the Problem

The Seamus Company has for considerable years successfully been in the business of developing a variety of grammar books, which are specifically designed to assist middle and high school learners in learning and understanding grammar primarily using cartoons. For the last few years, the company has, however, experienced success as a result of the innovative techniques that have substantially helped to meet the educational needs of different students within the education industry. Ideally, to keep the pace and remain relevant in the contemporary growing digital world, the company must incorporate innovations in its operations through excellent ideas that can enhance grammar in school for young students. As such, there are numerous opportunities to improve and optimize the services of the company and increase the product portfolio. This proposal is therefore commissioned to address the possibility of enhancing the sectors that have shown to be profitable for the Seamus Company. It also seeks to improve the growth of the product portfolio by improving the technical capabilities of the company.

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Recommendation of the Solution

With the recent increase in E-reading, the E-book technology presents a significant potential for the learners with print disabilities or visual impairments to gain knowledge via the information that would have otherwise been inaccessible to them. Therefore, this proposal recommends the expansion of the current grammar books offered by the Seamus Company to include digital talking books as well as E-books, which can be sold as electronic resources for, downloads. By commercializing on this idea through selling the books in various distinct E-books formats and significantly ensuring their accessibility through e-reader devices such as the digital talking books, the company will certainly expand their portfolio as this will ensure that they reach out to a huge number of clients who may not be in a position t easily access their book store to buy the hard copies of the books.

Benefits of the Proposed Solution

Ideally, by incorporating both the digital talking books and e-books in its product portfolio, the Seamus Company will make their products easily accessible by their potential customers regardless of their location. Therefore, instead of taking much time traveling to make a purchase or even having to wait for long hours for the ordered books to arrive, the customers can instantaneously download the books in digital formats from the comfort of their location. Compiling books in e-book formats for distribution is much cheaper as compared to printing equivalent copies of the books to meet the demand in the market (Shiratuddin, Landoni, Gibb & Hassan, 2004). Consequently, this will result in an augment in their sales with reduced production and distribution costs.

Objectives of the Project

The Seamus Company has got a fruitful chance of capitalizing on this idea to optimize its operations and increase its profits through it. The principal objective of this project is thus to create a digital platform that mainly consists of the entire library catalog of the Seamus Company grammar books for both the middle and high school students all instilled with appropriate e-reader devices for the users with print disabilities.

Funding Requirements

Initially, for the set-up of digital website design as well as digitizing the offered educational materials, the project is estimated to cost about $50, 000 in the first one year and a subsequent operational cost of $ 400 annually.

Expertise Relevant to the Solution

Nova enterprise is a leading provider of information technology consultation services across the globe that has enormously assisted a significant percentage of both small and large corporations of incorporating and taking advantage of new technologies since 1999. Concerning our ratings with the education department and the Better Business Bureau, we are rated 100 percent, and we always ensure that our potential customers enjoy an increase in the overall profits with decreased production cost. The Nova enterprises comprise of experts specializing primarily in digitalizing printed books into e-books and a group of developers for installing hearing assistive technologies or the digital talking books. As a result, we are assertive that our team will achieve the expectations of the Seamus Company and make them a leading company in delivering educational materials to a wide range of customers worldwide.D1. Proposed SolutionSince its commencement in 1999, the Nova enterprise has partnered with different schools and education departments, and thus we have an excellent scope of what works the best when it comes to the distribution of educational materials like textbooks. Our proposed solution to the Seamus Company is by creating an online catalog of their printed books by digitalizing them to informative e-books for sale to their potential clients. It is of no doubt that in recent times, the e-book industry has been a multi-billion dollar industry and thus a substantial opportunity for the Seamus Company to venture into (Swayze & Ford, 2018). According to the "Request for Proposal," it is apparent that the company has had difficulties in making [profits from the sales of comic books and some few other initiatives and therefore by digitalizing all these materials we will promote the books and ensure that they reach a vast number of potential buyers. D2. Published Work ReviewsIn the modern times, the continually increasing e-reading makes it's critical for book suppliers and the librarians to become acquainted with the complex e-text accessibility background and get to recognize and install these devices to support their disabled customers with accessible educational materials (Junus, 2012). However, many reasons have resulted in e-books becoming more prevalent today as compared to the printed books, and some of these reasons are listed below (Ibrahim et al., 2018).

Why E-books?

  • They are always available for downloads and does not run out of stock
  • Many books can easily be accessed through one e-book reader
  • Allows for quick search of the required content
  • Has an inbuilt dictionary
  • It is equipped with text to speech capabilities

Goals, Supporting Objectives, and Deliverables

Goal - Increase the profits and augment the product portfolio of the Seamus Company

Objective- Putting the printed grammar books into the virtual world by digitalizing them into e-books and digital talking books and this will significantly help the Seamus Company to optimize its operations reaching out to a large number of potential customers who have access to the internet.

Deliverable- Collection of information from the available selection of books and the engagement of our specialized team in structuring the e-books.


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