Product Value Proposition of the Coffee House Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-27

The coffee house will have an extemporary design and setting specifically to increase comfort and luxury of customers. The design will specifically aim at targeting customers interested in spending long hours at the shop. We also intend to ensure that our customers have easy and fast access to the internet at the shop. The internet allows our customers to carry on with their social life and tasks as they take meals at the shop. The strategic location of the shop allows us to target both the working class and students from the schools around. Our customers will all be comfortable, as we have provided for a modern vibe and enough seating capacity.

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The focus of our business will be the customer. The shop will specifically work towards meeting customer expectations and ensure that they are fully satisfied. Satisfaction will be achieved through excellent customer service and high-quality products (Mukerjee, 2010). To accomplish this, we will have a customer portal on our website to receive customer compliments and complaints. We therefore, will serve customers according to their tastes and specifications. The business will manage to attract different customers through the high quality of products and the focus of customers through customer service. The shop will fill the gaps in customer focus and quality in the market.

The specific products will also meet the customer needs the shop will offer high-end coffee products at affordable prices. These products will include espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. The products will be of high quality to target all classes of coffee customers from the simple to sophisticated customers (Rahim & Ben-Daya, 2010). The shop will also offer to take away services with specialized packaging to enhance comfort during carriage. The packaging will also be designed to maintain the coffee and other products hot. The shop will address the need for high quality coffee products alongside with comfort.

Operation costs are key in determining the prices of products. The shop intends to offer the high-quality products at affordable rates. Therefore, reduction of costs will allow the shop to sell at considerable and affordable prices. To reduce costs, the business will focus on cutting the costs of advertisement. The electronic advertisement will play an important role towards the reduction of marketing costs (East, 2008). Social media platforms and the company website will be used to post the different products and the daily offers that the business will be running. The business notice board is appropriate for advertisement, as it is a cheap method.


To improve the performance, the business will undertake periodic surveys to know customer feelings about service of the shop (Tiem, Moseley, & Dessinger, 2012). It will run 24 hours a day to cover for the customers who work late at night. The shop will also offer a differentiated service by allowing customers to get points every time they visit the shop. The points will accumulate, and customers will be free to redeem them for the different products in the business. This service will aim at appreciating the customers for visiting our shop and will give the shop a competitive edge over competitors.

The shop will add value to the market by providing an inclusive service. It will include providing a place where friends can hang out with optimum quality, service, and good space. Customers will also have access to free high-speed internet access to allow them to carry on their business while at the shop.


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