Key to Leading Change in Today's Environment

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Date:  2021-03-15

Currently, business leaders and managers across the globe are experiencing a challenging and at the same time an exciting phase in their business careers. In order to be successful in the current dynamic business environment, managers and leaders must work towards the building of relevance, the management of business fundamentals along with a balanced approach, and guiding their employees in a communication style that is pen and two-way. According to Kotter (2012), the task of leading is challenging due to the ever changing business environment in which employees work in while at the same time it is exciting due to the opportunity to innovate and learn through experience that comes with change. In order to excel in todays business environment, leaders have to approach their roles differently. There are numerous factors that are key to leading change in a business environment.

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In the department of defense federal employees, the entrance of a new competitor can cause the leaders to change their leading strategy. A good instance is when a new employee comes to the department. The employee would be an organization threat to some of the previous employees who have been working, and this means that the employees would strive to achieve more than the new employees. Competition among the various employees would lead to better results to the department overall.

The new innovations in technology would force the department of defense to change their way of leading change so as to be in a position that they can keep up. The employees who have worked in the department for a long time and are not savvy with the new technology that has been introduced in the market have to be taught or trained. This is because the people that they are dealing with and especially criminals have adopted the use of technology in their criminal activities. It is imperative that the department of defense employees keep up or are ahead in terms of the technological application so that they can deal with such criminals. Furthermore, the adoption of technology means that the department of defense employees have the chance to improve the processes that they deal with on a daily basis. The provision of services would be more efficient and time wastage would be eliminated.

The changes in government regulations is also another factor that may lead to a change in how the department of defense operates. The newly mandated practices may force the department of defense employees to change the manner in which they handle their suspects and the safety procedures that they have to follow while dealing with suspects and other employees. The procedures may be related to colleagues or suspects in the bid to create a safe working environment.

Some of the other keys to change in the department of defense may include the development and the documentation of objectives that is to be achieved by the change that is being implemented through planning and the means to achieve the change. The ongoing commitment across and at the top of the department of defense would guide the department of defense with regard to their organization behave and leadership by example. By identifying the impacts of human involvement towards change in regard to an aligned workforce is also vital to leading huge in an organization. An aligned workforce in the department of defense would support the change that is being implemented in the organization. Finally, it is the establishment of a defend governance in the department that leads to change. This may be done through the development of appropriate departmental structures, outlining the responsibilities for the change and supporting the change efforts that is being put by the stakeholders (Kouzes & Posner, 2012).

The seven technics of future leaders can develop the leaders from an early stage. For any organization, the seven technics build a pool of possibilities to the organization. This means that the organizations are in a position to plan early through the availability of talent and other various leadership qualities that they have in the organization (Doppelt, 2010). The potential of future leaders is also brought to the department of defense by the seven technic habits of future leaders at an early stage. The technics give the future leaders the opportunity to showcase their talents by participating in high-level decision making and critical thinking in stressful situations thereby giving them the opportunity to learn and even learn from their mistakes. The development of future leaders is about is a process that the individuals have to undergo, and it is vital to ensure that these people are not only placed in certain positons, but they are trained and nurtured to fill up those places. An individual may be very talented but may also lack the experience that is required to assume a certain job or give out certain instructions of orders. This due to the sensitivity of the department of defense in regard to the information that they deal with on a daily basis. It is thus vital to guarantee that the training and nurturing of future talents is done in a manner that is appropriate so as to successfully lead change in an organization.\


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