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Data Dimensions Corporation is one of the significant information systems company that was established to assist the clients with the issues related to the management of their information system. Since 1982, the Data Dimension Company has been helping numerous clients to manage the processes and the workflows through bridging the gap of the automation, the technology as well as the physical capabilities. Data Dimensions is an innovative leader within the area of the information management and business process automation. As such, the company provides a wide array of the professional and outsourced services which integrate the mailroom management, conversion of the paper structured forms, medical forms, and dental claims into electronic documents. The company uses various techniques such as the document capture services (ICR, OCR), digital voice recording services, physical records storage and electronic retrieval services. Recent reports have shown that the integrated solutions and services offered by the Data Dimensions.

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As such, the Data Dimension has been a significant organization that provides business process solutions for eliminating the paper-intensive and the labor-intensive activities through technology and automation. Various reports have shown that the company is still among those that are movers and shakers in the industry. It is no small fete what achievements have been achieved in this private company. Notably, compliance with the state requirements and regulations is on top-notch operational at this firm, because they handle information privately for their customers. This led data dimensions securing a spot at 2012 The Prestigious Inc.5000 list of America's most privately held companies. Until date, they are still on the list and expanding at a fast rate. The uncompromising commitment of the firm to the core business values has contributed to growth in its client base, public reputation, and overall growth and expansion. In reality, its organizational culture is established on core values of honesty, trustworthiness, and commitment through acceptable professional and personal behavior. Data Dimension's visions to be the principal provider of innovative solutions to the industries that it serves. As displayed in the entity's logo, the organization is 'driven by people, powered by technology

A Problem that Data Dimensions Faces

An information system is a fundamental tool that allows companies to achieve their competitive advantage for the proper management of the business. Like any other company, the Data Dimensions has played a crucial role in offering adequate management and analysis of the information for various clients. However, there have been many concerns and challenges as part of its operations. This is especially felt by the firms that are in the field more so when it comes to ethical and social issues arising. Ethical issues are the concerns about the long run moral impacts and effects of information systems on society. As such, these challenges may range from the complex information security matters for the distributed computer networks, large e-commerce activities, the ever-changing technology that subjects the company to new threats and risks of vulnerabilities. Some of the ethical issues also integrate the doubling of computer power, rapidly declining data storage costs, advances in data analysis techniques and nonobvious relationship awareness among others.

Advancement in the data analysis methods has been a significant challenge that Data Dimensions faces. Fundamentally, the evolution and development of the existing technology have affected how the company operates to achieve its objectives. The consistent upgrading and bettering of the system have provided the opportunity for the maximization of the development. The Data Dimensions has therefore been able to suffer in different ways. The lack of knowledge to implement the new systems and the rapid pace of change or evolution has affected its whole operation. Noteworthy is the fact that the company draws inspiration right off the logo 'driven by people, powered by technology to rise to a vantage point rather than a problematic one. Another interesting ethical issue is that of information privacy. As such, the rapid development of technology has contributed to a tremendous synchronization of data into one space-the internet. In reality, this has further subjected the company to a considerable threat in terms of the mass storage a threat as some concerns arose due to the level of mass storage of information regarding the people or individuals and their surveillance being subjected to severe states of jeopardy.

The pace of change at times may found the management of the company unprepared to implement the changes associated with such developments. Such changes may come with the increased in the cost of the technological solutions, which entail the development, implementation and the maintenance of the information technologies and systems. The knowledgeable workforce may, therefore, be needed to assist the company implement such new developments. In the case of Data Dimensions, it is evident that the reliability of specific changed perceived appropriate require comprehensive testing before they could be adopted and are difficult prone to errors leading to potential losses. As such, it has been difficult for the company to integrate such changes into their systems and after that proceed to provide their services to the clients.

Solutions to the Problem

While it is evident that the Data Dimension faces a serious information system challenge as discussed in the paper, this problem can be resolved. Ideally, the rapid evolution and advancement of technology can be determined through better innovation and implementing it to suit the objectives of the organization. Undeniably, this will ensure that a company remains stable and relevant with the current information systems issues thus preventing it from lagging. The Data Dimensions Company should further be ready to cope or keep up with the advancements. Notably, this will help prevent any issues of transforming the client's list into something that is obsolete. A lot of technological advancements have seen criticism due to the phasing out of the workforce with replacement to technology. The Data Dimensions must, therefore, embrace a considerable caution when it comes to the amount of information kept in mass storage by the computers. In the dispensation where people use IT for various purposes, it is essential to take precautions for better results. Since technology cannot be controlled, it can be managed and made adaptable but with the sensibility to change. Additionally, thorough testing is necessary to assess whether the changes of technology and the aspects to be adopted fits or align with the objectives of the business, in terms of its potential to fulfill the needs of the organizations, as well as that of the clients that the company serves.


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