Essay Example on Project Management: Creating Predictive & Adaptive Outlines for Quality

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Date:  2023-06-11


Project management is the process of applying proficient skills and techniques to project proposals purposely to attain the required project demands. As a project manager, my leading roles in this project is to ensure that approaches that will be involved in the establishment of this project adhere to the later for a quality product once the construction ends (Greycampus 2016). In this project, I am therefore going to create both a predictive and an adaptive outline for the project.

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The Predictive Approach

The predictive method is also known as the Waterfall methodology. Project managers widely adopt this method because it efficiently manages the complex nature of software. Notably, Predictive methodology is very sequential and has a high demand for assurance in the project content before its establishment continues. The predictive method has various discrete stages that involve the collection and analysis of the requirements, the design of the solution, and the implementation of the solutions as well as fixing present issues (Cohen 2019). The Waterfall method, therefore, has various advantages that will favor the establishment of this project.

These advantages include the easiness of grasping the contents between the stages regardless of experiences before contact with the process. Secondly, the structure of this method gives a clear demarcation between stages, which helps in the organization of and division of work. Finally, it is easy to introduce new resources in the project and still work on the project when necessary because it relies on the documentation. However, this method also has its shortcomings, which should also be considered. This method is rigid because, in case of any error or impromptu changes, the project has to be restarted from the beginning (Cohen 2019). Moreover, this method highly depends on my level of understanding and analysis of the requirements correctly because failure to do so, the projects will be started again.

The Adaptive Approach

The adaptive approach was introduced to save the situation that could not be managed by Waterfall. For this reason, it has to be one of my second options for this project to be safe in the process of project establishment. This approach is swift and flexible in terms of service delivery. It works based on scanning for emerging issues that may arise during the project establishment, analyzing the issues before making decisions and solutions, giving responses to opportunities and risks, and finally, influencing the future environment (Greycampus 2016). There are several advantages as to why I have to work with this approach as well.

One of the advantages of this approach is the flexibility and freedom it has for the experiments and change. This condition indicates that there are no fixed stages or focuses on requirements. Moreover, I can get feedback regularly from the Clinic and make as many changes from the Clinic as possible. This freedom of change without restarting the project reduces the risk of project failure due to the involvement of the stakeholders in every step. Few disadvantages may also arise because of this approach. Firstly, this approach does not have a fixed plan since it only emphasizes on changes that may occur in the process of the project. This condition hardens the management of resources and scheduling of the flow of the project (Cohen 2019). Secondly, there is a massive collaboration between all the parties involved in this approach. This means that all the opinions of the members have to be considered despite their presence during the decision-making process. As the project manager, I also have to manage the channel of communication across all the stakeholders (Cohen 2019). This is very tedious and demanding.


In conclusion, both the Waterfall and Adaptive approaches can work better for this project. The predictive approach is advantageous because it is the best in the development of software projects such as this as well as the adaptive approach, which is very flexible and accommodative in cases of emergency.


Cohen, E. (2019). The Definitive Guide to Project Management Methodologies. Workamajig, com.

Greycampus (2016). Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager and Project Management Team.

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