Principles of Marketing of Nescafe Paper Example

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Type of product advertising

Nescafe is advertised using a competitive approach in which the company highlights the contrasting features that differentiate it from other brands offered by competitors. The brand is not compared directly to others, neither are names of other products mentioned during the advertisement (UKNescafe, 2017). The success of using this approach is achieved by letting the customers aware of how Nescafe stands out from the rest while assuring them that it is the best way to kick start the day with fresh ideas. Also, the advertisements are designed in a manner that shows the target market that the coffee invigorates and brightens their day. This type of advertising gives the brand a competitive advantage over other industry players since the potential and existing buyers are well aware of the experience they would have upon consumption of the coffee.

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Type of advertising appeal

Advertising appeals influence the buying behavior and decisions of consumers by offering them a perspective of the benefits they may accrue from purchasing the product (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012). Different types of products use unique appeals to convey messages to their target markets. Nescafe, for instance, uses advertising appeals such as emotional and brand. The emotional appeal in the case of the coffee brand is associated with the personal and social aspects of the buyer. For instance, Nescafe advertisements are designed in a manner that communicates to the buyers the pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction they would have upon purchasing and consuming the product. Nescafe coffee is among the leading brands in the world, and its advertisements also have a brand appeal to the customers that is emphasized by its logo which has remained the same for several years and is always visible in all promotions. This form of appeal is used to reach out to buyers who wish to make a brand statement.

Types of advertising media

Nescafe uses a variety of channels to advertise the products such as print and electronic media. The advertisements are printed on newspapers, billboards and also available on radio and televisions. The company also conducts public relations activities in which the brand is exposed thus ensuring that customers are well aware of the product. Examples include the advertisement of Nescafe Gold that appeared on television (UKNescafe, 2017).

Public relations functions and tools

Nestle, Nescafe's mother company is cognizant of the importance of maintaining goodwill with the public and as such, has a public relations department that facilitates this objective. There are various promotional tools used to communicate to the public by the organization such as press relations and product publicity. Nestle disseminates information to the public through the press on matters that concern the customers and the market as a whole. For instance, through its media release, the company notified the public of its intention to concentrate on a key market by reorganizing the sub-Saharan Africa region ( Nestle invests in articulate advertising and promotional campaigns that ensure the objective of creating brand awareness and growing market share is achieved. For instance, Nescafe as one of its brands is publicized through both print and electronic media to reach out to all people within the target market. There have been various advertisements on television, radio, and billboards for products manufactured by Nestle such as Nescafe, its coffee brand.

Sales promotion tools

The primary role of sales promotion is to influence the buyer's purchasing effort towards a product. Among the tools used to promote sales for Nescafe coffee are samples and premiums. In the case of Nescafe, it is achieved using both wet and dry sampling techniques. Wet sampling occurs when customers are offered instant coffee at counters in cafe's and retail stores to have a taste and ascertain its quality. Dry sampling allows the company to provide a free sample of smaller quantities which they try at their convenient time. In some instances, the samples are attached to other products from the mother company as gifts.

Premiums are products given for free or at low cost to influence consumers to make a purchase. For instance, Nescafe attaches free branded mugs on their products that are sold in retail stores. The Nescafe mugs act as an incentive that motivates the customers to buy the coffee.

Personal selling

Personal selling takes place when a firm engages the sales team to initiate the purchase by customers upon meeting them face-to-face. The company uses the retail channel to conduct personal selling to customers in a bid to convince them to make a purchase. The sales people are strategically located in retail stores to engage potential buyers who make their way into the outlets for shopping. Nescafe uses both retail distribution and order fulfillment centers as part of their distribution channels ( The former is responsible for ensuring personal selling activities are undertaken to convince the retail stores to stock up the Nescafe coffee. The latter is one in which the coffee is distributed directly to consumers. The salespeople at the order fulfillment center are tasked with the responsibility of personal selling. For instance, when a customer calls in to place an order, the sales force notify them of any advancements and changes that may have been done on the products while convincing them to buy more.


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