Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Human Management Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-10

Sexual violence refers to active acts of forcefully trying to obtain sexual advances be it in action or wording, from an unwilling doing this, one is otherwise quoted to have practiced sexual exploitation. However, sexual violence is further classified into female genital mutilations as practiced in backward communities, early marriages for the girl child and in some states, human trafficking for sexual purposes in sexual ventures.

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As outlined, sexual abuse is classified as a vice that ought to be deleted from society. As such, reaching out to the general public on this vice would be the ultimate goal. Doing this will come quite handy with the assistance of professionals in the health sector such as law enforcers, nurses, gynecologists, and trained counselors. The job of Law enforcers in child abuse cases is enacted straight up from the underlying call, all through the investigation and to the court procedures. Law requirement officers explore whether a criminal law has been abused while as yet distinguishing and securing the guilty party. The nurses, on the other hand, are required in times of emergency. They usually are involved in the cleaning of wounds or applying a dressing where necessary. Also, should the patient be severely injured, the gynecologist applies surgical procedure and nursing care amid the recuperating time frame. Still, one shouldn't underestimate the role of the counselors. They give emotional support by tuning in and enabling patients to express whatever they feel while still offering victims a chance to discuss sentiments. Sometimes, they are the primary individuals who perceive manifestations of depression or suicidal intent in injured individuals and thus administer much-needed mitigation measures.

For the prevention, the blueprint principle is to create awareness to the general public. Here, all activists involved should strive to explain what sexual abuse is and show the impact it has on survivors. Also, they should outline facilities and hotlines to where sexual abuse cases are to be reported. As such, creative awareness can be achieved through roadshow campaigns and advertisements in whole. For advertisements, activists can form platforms on social media to discuss this. They may also employ the use of other communication media such as television advertising, radio advertising, print media adverts along to billboards found in town to relay their message. Reaching out through social programs and awareness campaigns such as those conducted in church settings and community service programs are essential in evaluating cultures that perpetrate acts of sexual violence

Also of the key is that we school children on the same. In their health class, it is noticeable that this is inclusive in the curriculum. Children get schooled on what it actually is and how to combat such advances should need to arise. This entails clarification of legitimate rights to every child. Schools can also be taught on skills that prevent such violence. In school, healthy dating tips can be induced to learners to bring transparency to the boy-girl relationships. Science classes can outline their reproductive health case giving them a better understanding of their bodies and ensure proper health sexuality. This will, in turn, leave them educated in whole on the same.

For the backward societies who still value female genital mutilation and early child marriages, the government in aid with non-governmental associations can put up schemes that ensure education reaches such fraternities. Putting up clinic facilities that outline the feminist theory (which bids for gender equality) and anti-oppression theory (which roots for the fair practice of power in a bid to do away with power related sexism acts). Girls will be shown their actual place in society while the men will be made to understand the female gender well rather than view them as tools of sex. As such, communities will be educated on the bystander approaches how their wayward practices are more detrimental than beneficial.

The government is expected to lend a helping hand to all individuals and organizations involved in countering sexual violence acts present in the community at should ensure the provision of opportunities to the girl child through programs expected to empower economic support of the girl child. It should create protective environments which monitor niches where sexual abuse acts are common. This can be achieved through strict law enactment for culprits associated with the vice. Along to these, the government is also expected to provide full support to victims associated with sexual abusive conducts. It should establish victim-centered centers that treat victims of sexual violence. The government can also increase the utilization of state-owned data on known cultures associated with sexual abuse in various regions. Such areas can thus enjoy special attention in relation to the awareness creation programs and more emphasis be made along such lines in these locations. Finally, the government should be able to enact a working memorandum of association that outlines how sexual abuse acts will be handled. This memorandum should be all inclusive to ensure justice is achieved.


As discussed, sexual abuse cases are justified evils in the society which leave a lasting impact on victims associated with. Most impacts are regressive for both the victim's mental and physical health. The impact outright stretches even further to family members and the society at large; where victims are subjected to mental torture and may acquire sexually transmitted infections which are tragically dangerous to their health. This is not right. As such, there is a need to combat the vice of sexual abuse and if possible, eradicate it from society. The prevention measures have been discussed and if well enacted by the specialists quoted, the measures would otherwise prove profitable in the quest to eradicate sexual violence.

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