Poverty is Capability of Deprivation

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Date:  2021-03-14

Poverty is the state whereby a person lacks the usual or the socially acceptable amount of money or material. This phenomenon has become a widespread social issue in the present-day society, in spite of all the opportunities that exists today. Poverty is the cause of hunger and thirst in our third world countries as well as poor health care, lack of basic education and deplorable living conditions. It is worth noting that either poverty can be in the general term, or it can be on a particular aspect. For instance, referring to pg. 1, handicaps, such as age, disability or illness, reduce a persons ability to earn income. It becomes income deprivation, which can lead to poverty due to the inability to performed the daily task as demanded by the society.

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Capability deprivation tends to be a more robust approach to fighting poverty rather than focusing on the income of the poor. This is because the approach focuses on the aspect of an independent population rather than a society dependent population. Low-income individuals are dependent on government to provide for their families since they lack the much-needed jobs skills as well as their impoverished situation. If we raise the income of the poor, we will have a less impoverish society. Income increment will be beneficial to the community since it will give individuals the capability to perform any task that society has to offer.

This study aimed at examining how countries can work within a decent work perspective framework to develop and improve their skills with the objective of increasing the levels of employment within their labor sectors. Inadequate education and lack of development skills compel economies to remain stuck in rough situations of low education, low productivity, and low income. Such a framework results in improved living standards as well as economic growth. Additionally, it will maximize employment opportunities for the poor, create an enabling environment for sustainable development, increased social and fundamental investments, and improve the primary education and healthcare foundation. Active skills development, which is the process that establishes a connection with educational training, to the labor sector and lifelong learning, can help countries to sustain productivity growth and translate that growth into more and better jobs. This research study analyzes the challenges that were faced by countries at the different levels of development and their approach to ensure that the least developed countries became more industrialized nations. This was achieved through the implementation of their skills connection development plan to the current labor market, as well as future market needs environment and development strategies change.

According to Sen capability deprivation is the approach to a persons capabilities of advantage. He describes the relationship of the level of income and non-income. Additionally, he acknowledges that social justice, which is the equality respect for a person in regards to political, economic and social right, affects both the aspects. On the other hand, poverty refers to a persons capability deprivation that results to lack of ability to achieve their desired status. Some places in East Asia for instance Kerala state in India have adopted the Kerala development model which has resulted to high expectancy and literacy in the population. This has created economic opportunities and growth in the provision of the necessary need to decreases poverty through education, health care, and land reform.

Therefore, Nussbaum aim was to illustrate that the ability to have good health is the core aspect of fighting poverty since he did not discuss low-income as being the set standard of poverty. People who suffer from chronic disease or illness including the high-end income earners can end up being poor due to the huge medical cost of treating the illness. This means that poverty is not related to a source of income, but instead to the inability to live a healthy life, Sen addresses this issue focusing on income level. The common argument by the two authors pertaining to the capability deprivation is the ability to control a person-surrounding environment both economically and socially. The ability to use the power of this aspect of capability helps an individual to determine the primary cause of poverty. The effect of poverty on social aspects, for instance, gender, employment status, unemployed, the age of a person elderly or teenage and child and income deprivation were a major concern that Sen discussed. Swamp Nurse pg.8 infant mortality is highest among the poor and child poverty rate is at thirty percent. This indicates that almost half of all births are to a single mother. This means that the infant mortality and the children that are born poor are at high risk of being born to a single mother. These clarify the incapability of the society assurance to social justice, the person's gender preferences male or female and social obligation of the individual to the society

Virtue is an important aspect of the relationship between the ability to work and achieve goals. The Swamp Nurse pg.9 describes the impact and relationship of virtual to a person's body by looking at factors such as child abuse. This occurs in a society where poverty is more widespread; children are abused at even the age of four or five and need help that could be beneficial to them. After a specific research study was conducted, it was realized that mothers who went through the nurse-visiting program were less physically abused, compared to those who didn't attend the program.

According to Nussbaum, he describes his knowledge of a person capability on Pg. 4 as focus both for comparative quality-of-life measurement and for the formulation of basic political principles of the sort that can play a role in fundamental constitutional guarantees this defines the distribution of economic benefit and strong non-discrimination of members of society. These economic frameworks are the result of human political processes as they both can change across communities and within societies over time. The structure of these approaches is necessary because the economic distributions resulting from them fundamentally affect people's lives. Swamp Nurse article Jose and Maggie pg.12 I like dirty kitchen more than fancy spotless ones she preferred dirty kitchen where families would spend time together rather than high clean kitchen where families are alone.

The ability of mind and freedom of thought empowers people to have their capability to create wealth. It is considered an ability to express freedom, by fighting poverty will help a person to express their objections and decrease poverty. In Swamp Nurse, women attending the Nursing Visiting Program got out of their shell. They were able to leave their house to get a job. Also, they were able to sustain themselves and their children. They got the education for themselves, which can lead to wealth creation because education can reduce poverty to a person lives.

Therefore, emotions have been interfering with a person's ability to make a right decision. According to Nussbaum capability deprivation, emotions create an attachment to people, and particular ideas in a positive way. This is a responsibility of a person; pg13 Luwannas said: It's not about you, you're marking the decision for your daughter now. The most meaningful thing in her life was her daughter and that the reason why she is working so hard to be a better parent to her.

Poverty as capability deprivation is a sense of decreasing poverty and strengthening the society Sen explain the social gender roles in other countries on health, education and job training. This is the area that in the United States lack focus, Sen discussed capabilities approach social justice by Nussbaum similar issue, Nussbaum goes into more details, she describes the area of social justice and central human capacities. She proposes that the central human capabilities are the trait that we have within ourselves, but ignoring the strength due to lack of experience skills and wealth. Swamp Nurse gives an example of a case study that took place in Louisiana. The study focused on what need to be done in a population living in poverty. The article explains the program that was to help these people in poverty to improve their skills so that they can find the job and properly cares for their children and themselves. These programs discussed in the lecture on health, education, and social skill.

The ability to identify what is right and what is wrong will help a person to choose the path and maximize a person capability. This way low income is the leading cause of poverty. Therefore, being on the right track of making a better decision will help to bring out the fulfillment.

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