Postwar California

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Date:  2021-05-14

The era during the World War II shaped Europe and America significantly. A large part of the impacts was evidently recoded in the state California. Such a fact is determined by the fact that that it served a critical role in the war. The evidence that would backup such arguments originates from the historical facts that it provided food for other fighting states. Evidence points that it served as a military base for the soldiers that fought in the war. An example of mention is that in the modern day, the state has several military bases. A point to note the state of also served as a manufacturing industry. This was effective in the sense that it met the immediate demands of the war. In light of such historical facts, there is need to mention that the state of California has transformed over the years. This essay discusses the changes in the era following the WWII. Subsequently, it comments about the relevance of the changes over the years in relation to the modern day setting.

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A good case to argue, the changes that were recorded in the period after the war served to shape the modern day partitioning of California. Ideally, its political economy was shaped during the period after the war. For instance, the state developed from the establishment of various mining centers, the early administrative centers and the military headquarters. In this view, there is the realization that California has remained to serve the purpose of the Republicans. Additionally, it would be analyzed in terms of a Republican stronghold given its regional patterning immediately after the World War II. The other significant element of discussion is the fact that the state has maintained a demography motion over the years.

The case to justify such an intuition is the fact that over the years it employed a diverse population of laborers. For instance, the Mexican workers labored in railroad constructions, while the African Americans worked in various agricultural industries. Thus, the projection of the state's ethnic diversity developed over the years. Logically, one can now see the evolution of the state through the course of time. Subsequently, one would realize that the state has maintained its paradoxical tradition even though many of its population are newcomers. The argument in such a statement is that it has allowed for the presence of the unique cultural claims over the years.

Conclusively, the state of California has transformed immensely over the years. The historical account of the state after the World War II justifies such an argument. In this view, it is important to point out that the historical facts about the state during the World War II era have served to shape the state significantly. Noticeably, its population, the administrational structure and the general industrial progression of the state are all interconnected to the period after the World War II. In simple terms many would attribute the changes in California to the term the Gold Rush'. This term refers to the fact that the World War II fast forwarded the development and progression in the state. As a matter of fact, the state is attributed to its contribution to the war. For example, it provided the technology, military personnel and production of supplies to the troops resulting in the eventual victory of the war. In lieu of such acknowledgment, the state is worth reckoning.

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