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Date:  2022-04-04


Currently, technology is changing the dynamics of the world with the creation of new inventions and the development of the current world interventions. The changes are happening to the extent that the society and the world are changing into a global village due to the inventions. For instance, with the current generation, technology is becoming part of life whereby people can access the internet anytime anywhere which is made possible with the use of the smartphones. Moreover, it has become difficult for people to interact without the use of technology since each is relying on the new inventions, such as the automation of things commencing with the cars, phones, home appliances, among other things.

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However, we should care about technology since, with its intervention, there are only two sides of impact to the people and lives or the society as a whole. The two facets are based on the effects of technology on the community, that is either negative or positive impacts. The fact that technology is being used in other sectors of the population (such as health care) fascinates me profoundly. The new inventions, for example, the virtual reality (VR) are being used in healthcare facilities and is revolutionizing healthcare. Personally, when I first heard about the virtual reality, gaming and entertainment flocked my mind, but considering the involvement in other sectors, it is proving more benefits to the society with more experiments occurring concerning its use.

Over the years, technology is escalating since people want more of technology and advancement. For example, most of the individual owning smartphones have the devices within their reach at almost 100% of the times. Also, apart from the invention of the virtual reality, there is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Augmented Reality (AR). As the technology is developing and evolving, people keep wanting to have more of the advancements which are rendering an effect to its intervention. It is a topic that needs focusing as my classmate Petron defines it by saying, "As a society, we have become collectors of technology and seemingly are never satisfied." In other contexts, it is creating competition on technology. For instance, it is evident from the race between Samsung and Apple as they are trying to launch new devices developed than the prior and better than their rival's.


Nonetheless, with consideration to the uses of the new technology, we are losing the meaning of technology since people are using it differently. The technology may be proving beneficial to the community; however, it is creating higher rates of exposure as people do not understand the extent to which we should use it. Thus, the negative and positive forces develop. I believe that technology is rendering more real strengths as we continue learning how to use it or apply it in life. It fits in the context of contemporary American society since it is now creating the urge for understanding on how to use technology to the benefit of everyone. Parents want to understand which technology will help their children, teacher want to help their students, and also the health caregivers want to know how they will improve health care delivery. Thus, impacting the contemporary American society.

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