Pima Creation Story Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

The Pima were the natives of Arizona desert along Gila and salt rivers a place was so remote such that the Europeans did not make it influence them with their ways. The name "Pima" was given to them by the Spanish in the fifteenth century.

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Judeo-Christian was formed by one George Orwell who identified himself with the prosecuted minority indicating tolerance and solidarity (Jacqueline). The Judeo-Christian was adopted by the formerly National Conference of Christian and Jews who together with selected four chaplains, a Chaplin and 3 Christian ministers who gave their lives to rescue others aboard their sinking ship.

According to the Pima, there was no earth, no water, no sun no light before there was only Juh-wert-a-Mah-kai, "The Doctor of the Earth." Only him existed and wandered around in the empty nowhere till he felt he had wandered enough. A time came, and he rubbed on his breast and rubbed out moah-haht-tack which was "greasy earth" He rubbed on the earth and held it out but it tipped over three times till the fourth time it staid straight in the .middle of the air and it remained as the world. From there he created the greasewood bush and little ants, but they never met his expectations, so he created white ants that worked and later enlarged the earth till it was big enough to accommodate him (Leerning). After that, from the shadow of his eyes he made man who was to assist him and was known as Noo-ee - the buzzard other things like the trees and everything else that was on earth but Noo-ee - the buzzard ended up not helping Juh-wert-a-Mah-kai so was given all the power and was let to be by himself. So the doctor of the earth created the rest of the earth and everything that has seed and is good to eat. While on the Judeo Christian I was a religion that was formed to play a role in the in the construction of American religion since the eve of the world war 2.Its main aim of formation was to signify the common religious inheritance of the west when Christianity became a political tool for fascism and Semitism. The main course for the formation of the Judeo Christian by George Orwell was to help the Jewish community that was a minority to stand for its rights as a religious society (Hitzhusen). There is no creation story connected with them like the Pima creation story is connected with the Pima people. In the Pima creation, there is mention of a supreme being Juh-wert-a-Mah-kai while for the Judeo Christian it's a normal being George Orwell who forms a society.

Every society has their creation theories and traditions which differ in one way or the other from the others. These were stories from ancestors and are passed from one generation to the other to remind them of their past and the beginning of their religion and the world that surrounds them. The following are some of the creation stories from different societies:

  • Australian Aborigine creation story
  • The Mayan people of Mexico creation story
  • The Ainu of Japan creation story
  • The Heliopolis of Egypt creation story

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