The Killing of Princess Diana Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-10

Princess Diana succumbed to injuries sustained in a car crash that occurred on 31st August 1997. This was a fatal accident that claimed the life of the princess. It took place in Paris, France. This eventuality was so onerous that shook the whole world. (Clayton, and Phil 13). A group of people believes that the occurrence of the fateful night was just a tragic accident that has no prevention. Others have a conviction that what happened was a conspiracy, and to some extent, results of investigations that the British secret agents carried were in support of this. Numerous reports from a variety of experts of crime investigation departments have all concurred with the official reports that the government released. The official account of the event that took place on the fateful night indicates that Diana was in a car which had a male driver who was drunk whose level of sobriety was not adequate to control the vehicle to prevent the accident.

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Several other groups of people, however, did not buy the perception that the official account of happenings wanted to instil on people. Some people firmly believe that there was something in high secrecy and internationally took place on that night. The theory of conspiracy takes several forms of information other than the official accounts. Conspiracy theories tend to claim a fundamental point of belief that there was a person who wanted princes Diana dead and who helped to assist in the killing of Diana through the fatal crash. (Brotherton, Robert, and Christopher 238). The conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Diana were spreading very first with the help of the Daily Express journal and an Egyptian businessperson by the name of Mohamed al-Fayed that had an encounter with the police. This encounter forced the launch of an operation to investigate the incident and get answers to validate the truth of the conspiracy theories.

The investigation about the death probe took so long, consumed a lot millions of pounds and made a conclusion that the conspiracy theories were entirely not founded on any truth. The investigation refuted conspiracy and instead added weight on the official accounts saying that the events of that night were incredibly a tragic accident. The investigation report evaluated 175 conspiracy theories that were formulated about the occurrence of that night identifying some as insignificant and others profound. Nonetheless, the report found that none of the approaches had any truth in them.

People still did not get satisfied with the investigative reports provided by the investigating authorities. Several issues make people doubt the official accounts of the events as well as the statements by investigators. Mohamed al-Fayed recorded that Diana was pregnant and that this would have been the possible reason for her killing. This issue states that Diana was pregnant for his grandson and this was an idea that the British state could not buy. According to Mr Fayed the royal family could not accept that a Muslim from Egypt could become the father of the future king of England hence the plot to kill her.

The second thing is that Diana had a belief that the establishment would kill her. This appears to have some truth. A letter that Diana had written and given to one of her manservant for custody had some information that she said that her life was in danger. This is according to Paul Burrell, Diana's servant who kept the letter. This letter was showing clear concerns that Diana was having about her life and safety. The people who disagreed with the reports of investigations blamed photographers for the death of Diana as it is said that they made an intentional car crash.

The other thing that made people who doubted the reports from the official accounts, as well as those reports from the investigators, think that there was a problem with the Mercedes that Diana was using to travel. Conspiracy theorist argues that the rut that Diana was to use was blocked and that the car was driving at unusually high speed or that something technical in that care was tampered with. People reported seeing the vehicle moving at different speed and that the vehicle was looking normal. They also say that the car was running at a very high speed that very night of crash which was not a usual thing. On that tragic night, people reported noticing strangely bright flashes of light and exotic cars on the same road that Princess Diana was using. Some people say that the bright rays of light were to blame for the crash since they could have altered the vision of the driver who was driving Diana on that fateful night. Probably, the driver was not drunk as the reports earlier indicated.

After the crash, Diana's medical care was sabotaged intentionally. A conspiracy theorist believes that Diana's doctors allowed her to die on purpose. By not intervening to salvage her life by giving treatment they did not give her a room to recover. All these things revolve around the failure to offer her treatment at the crash scene. (Douglas, and Karen 189). The reason why she was not rushed to a nearby hospital raises many questions because people believe that she did not die on the spot. Perhaps her life would have been saved if proper medical interventions were instituted and this paints a clear image of sabotage. However, the doctors said that it was impossible to say whether or not Diana would have recovered successfully if she was rushed to the hospital but all in all, the doctors said that it was almost impossible for her to have a chance to survive due to the seriousness of the injuries that the accident caused.

The fact that one of Diana's bodyguards survived is also an issue that makes people ask questions. Diana, her partner and the driver, died but there was a survivor, and that was Diana's bodyguard. Mr Fayed claimed that this body guard was aware of the plan to kill Diana. (Jephson, Patrick 17). He further said that he knew the crash was not an accident but a planned game to cut short the life of Diana. With the knowledge of the plot, this bodyguard did nothing to prevent the fatal crash. Mr Fayed claims that the security officer supposedly agreed to cover up the details after he was allegedly threatened to assassinate him if he attempted to disclose the plot to anyone including Diana.

The driver who was driving the car in which Diana was travelling is said to have caused the crash deliberately. A conspiracy theorist believes that the driver was in the pay of more than one security firms from France and the UK. The people who do not understand the official account of happenings of the tragic night say that there are initial claims that the driver was drunk was a story to fool them and to mask the truth of the matter as the driver was not drunk.


In conclusion, after looking at some of the things that make a group of people to doubt the official account of the events provided by the royal family, and the investigative departments that was given the mandate of probing the death, it creates an image that the crash was not an accident but a plot that was tailored to wipe off Diana and blame it to a typical road traffic accident.

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