Picture-Perfect Scene: Descriptive Essay

Paper Type:  Creative writing
Pages:  4
Wordcount:  854 Words
Date:  2022-04-02

The loud calls made by cicadas would leave anyone needing a good day's sleep unlucky with their remarkably loud singing. Summer comes! I had no reason to lay on the bed that afternoon and choose to welcome the lovely summer. It would take me a five-minute run towards the sea, where from a distance I would spot the crashing white waves. Scores of brisk children could not resist jumping and dancing in rhythms alongside the watchful mothers and dads. Hardly had thoughts crossed to reminisce my childhood days when I realized how the everlasting arms lay open to allow anyone seeking a seesaw play along with the current. The feel of fine grains of sand flowing onto my feet and out through spaces between my toes marked the cordial welcome.

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The bright blue sky that hung above laid a natural channel allowing rays of the enthusiastic sun tickle my skin with warm sunshine. Its wrap created a warm blanket that timidly evaporated the droplets of the passing breeze leaving a more refreshing feeling. Simultaneously, the blazing light triggered an immediate boost that excited me dunk my feet into the water that by now was screaming for attention as the salty sea smell tingled my nose. I could hear the spirited birds chirping into my ears as they roamed around to assert the claim on it. Their singing crowned the illuminating bright sky to make a wonder to watch for the thousands drawn from all walks of life to enjoy the extraordinary gift of nature.

The sand accommodated footprints in all sizes, both huge and small, signifying the place as an undoubtedly fantastic destination to spend the Saturday afternoon. The colorful canopies standing at all corners marked the territory that ushered the wind blowing in an angel that eased away from the intense heat. Age made little difference with sounds of laughter from elated crowd let the air as each interacted. Children took turns to pile up the sparkling sand in the effort to realize their unique castles. They too had fun as they remolded the featherlike sand to fit images that existed into their wild imagination. Besides, the kind nature allowed groups of teenage boys and girls play the tag game as if nature spooled back them to kids. The welcoming environment made everything possible for them too, hence bringing back memories of my childhood.

The perfection of the weather lined in obedience to the beauty that made a siren call to accommodate all sorts of games. I spied everywhere and noticed that nature brought a priceless bonding and sport-friendly platform. Mad balls rose high in the air as the ground allocated enough space for a volleyball, soccer and handball games. Only dripping sweat would stop people from playing hard out in the shining sun. The dehydrated flashed red-skin would force a frequent race to reapply sunscreen with its enticing smell pervading the atmosphere. Others would dive into the waters for a cool off with the outcome being inevitable splashing of water. It was difficult not to spot groups if individuals were fooling around in the water with a reflection of their huge grins drawn on the waves. The alluring water would reciprocate in return for a massive wave that would carry everyone safely to the shore.

A little break on the salt-stained rocks extended a quiet habitat where tiny crabs would crawl slowly into the gaps as I approached them. Perhaps, they claimed an arbitral share of the gaps like the starfishes that too were having the sunbath on the quiet corners away from the touchy visitors in their territory. Sharp red lifeboats lay stationed around the white observation tower, with a team of lifeguards standing alert to complete their missions when needed. Their alertness was evident to people riding the jet-skis onto the far region. Their bullet movement drew a growing audience with their speed appearing to bring them closer to the never-ending horizon. On the other side, humongous shades of red and drizzling green would reappear as the parasails flew back in to complete a safe landing on the shore. The yachts that lolled in the far distance gave a similar picture-perfect scene that gave a cradle-like feeling lulling one to the waters. It created a purpose to savor the indefinable beauty that had seeped into my mind during the previous visit. I could hardly imagine the picture-perfect scene whose fragments I will luckily carry home as the memory though occasionally became a salty coffin where many perish under hands of unwary mariners.

I could smell the success of witnessing the opera of the beautiful scenery and wave-music welcome that soothed my Saturday afternoon and sailed quietly into the unforgettable evening. I shaded my eyes out to the water again to witness a pod of dolphins flipping as if to crackle popcorns into the air. I could observe steel-grey flashes shining brightly from their sea-dance perhaps to signal a goodbye and appreciate the visit they earned. I stayed around to witness the spectacular view of the sunset and make a hopeful wish to return as the waves saluted my timely departure.

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