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Date:  2022-05-09

Colum McCann's Let the great world spin wrote this fascinating novel with its main setting in New York, United States. The book entails a straightforward narrative of entwined lives. Most of the story occurs when one character performs a tightrope walk across the World Trade Center building. The book does not focus on this persona only but also on the lives of different people lives. Their lives uniquely overlap on this particular day. The author represents them as if in cooperation with each and then exiting with the same food. The author examines the admiration of how its thematic elements overlap. The book central theme revolves around t beautiful human beings' connections and prejudice, unity either in philosophical or physical form.

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Unity of the characters occurs essentially as all narration seem loosely connected to each through the tightrope walk by petit. To exemplify, Marcia of 'Miro, Miro, on the wall sees the petit's action and in; Roaring Sea, and I Go" vicariously canceled connection from the occasion. McCann uses the walk as a technique to bring all the stories together through time and space to illustrate how a current or past event brings people together though at times in an invisible way. The book states, " It's like dust. You walk about and don't see it, don't notice it, but it's there, and it's all coming down, covering everything."

The connections, prejudice, and unity represent the tree elements of the book. The book examines the admiration of how these elements overlap. The meeting of the characters seems tangible where at times they share feeling which acts as the authors unifying factor. The Bronx prostitutes' ability to share their experiences reveals a unifying element. For example, Claire the other ladies on the "Miro, Miro, on the wall" arrange themselves regarding their pains and share the stories of losing their sons to ease the burden of moaning alone (McCann 319).

Further, prejudice occur occurs to a significant level in the text. The division in Cultural and economic level appear profoundly in Let the Great World Spin, and this partition usually brings several of prejudices that the developed characters perform and endure. For example, the different backgrounds characters frequently get connected with each other, a style that especially emphasizes the diversity between them while at the same time seeking to reveal their prejudices in a more nuanced form. Hence one of the author's main concerns revolves around the bringing down of the beliefs that interfere with human beings rapport.

Moreover, the book characters often apply or depend on prejudices in asserting their weaknesses and stresses. Other characters continuously get forced to persevere the bluntness of this behaviors. Moreover, McCann develops this dynamic by introducing the Bronx at the base of the novel. The crime level in the Bronx rose higher than in other New York areas in the 1970s. McCann takes this environment and introduces different characters from different background and ends up creating conflicts, socioeconomic and racial conflicts to emerge (McCann 286). Since the author deals with the themes of connection, unity, and prejudice, such atmosphere acts as antagonist power in place to catalyze separation.

There exist numerous occasions in which, no matter how desperation of the character to avoid any of his or her prejudices, it shows how almost impractical to repel various in-depth familiar paradigms. To exemplify Claire's relationship with Gloria overcomes cultural and racial difference, but even this connection seems to contain certain ethnic frictions through a society of the novel set at large (McCann 319). McCann openly and intentionally to investigate how individuals might unify without completely letting themselves free of the personal prejudices.

Simultaneously, McCann seems to change the stereotypes he founded partly. Such change includes where Tillie quotes poetry and sounds of high ordinary intelligent quotients despite her lifelong crimes, prostitute, and usage of drugs. Further, the display of compassion byJudge Soderberg though who can quickly get labeled as indifferent to the experiences of those less fortunate compared to him. Amazingly, the novel that wants to advocate the human ability to contain a lot; the whole book's idea serves as evidence of the fact that humans beings never mostly constitute more than which seems observable. More complicated, such as partly opposition to the prejudices sometimes asserts the periods in which characters did not to show empathy to another individual. The Illustration of a character's capacity to overlook his or her ideologies, the author explains the fact that all people do not matter how criminally-bend they seem, their personality can be unique and sophisticated. Example of such uniqueness includes Judge's Soderberg capacity to recognize Tillie as a human being and not just a typical criminal although the judge seems more concerned with to finish his work with a lot of troubles. The book illustrates his thinking by stating "Her face seemed for a second almost beautiful, and then the hooker turned and shuffled and the door closed behind her, and she vanished into her namelessness (McCann 274)." At this period, the readers see Soderberg's capacity to transcend his institutionalized racism, then he easily changes back to apathy, letting Tillie go "into her namelessness," shadowed by the court structure. The book Let the Great World Spin, even momentary instances of transcending bigotry-that split second in which a character sees somebody as a human rather than as a stereotype-serve as vitally outstanding examples of our capacity to connect with one another despite the greater hostile forces working to drive us apart. When this realization gets ignored, the presence of stereotypes and prejudices got felt even more strongly than before.

Again, the reader uses the economic and cultural nuances which leads to the prejudice divide The author uses Corrigan to express prejudice as he gets beaten up for offering an area prostitute to take tea and bath in his house (McCann 22). The book Ciaran also showed bias to when he saw the prostitute his brother aided. Refusing to express empathy shuts the characters off from the rest of the world and results in grief. For instance, Blaine fails to own up the crashing of Corrigan and Jazzlyn's car which kills them and his actions cost him his marriage (McCann 322). In this illustration, McCann gets more involved with making a diversity combination of people brought together by less relation made by people who might black common aspirations.


Hence, McCann books explore themes by bringing together characters from the different background. These people live to connect at one time while exiting too. The overlapping of characters' lives enables the author to develop the characters attributes as well as connect all the stories. In summary, the author's primary theme revolves around unexpected peoples' connections, prejudice, and unity either in philosophical or physical form.

Work cited

McCann, Colum. Let the Great World Spin. 2009. Random House

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