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Language defines human being since it elicits feeling in others as well as motivate their actions and relationships. For instance, the words used in poetry may make a person have tears to the eyes to bring the aspects of poetry. Politicians use language to persuade supporters to support their election seats. People also use the word as a means of relieving their stress by expressing their emotions and feelings to others. Language relies on spelling and grammar as well as people's imaginations. Various factors influence how people perceive and understand their language. These comprise of motivation, support, previous linguistic knowledge, teaching methods, and learning environment as well as attitude and personality. However, this paper focuses on the ways language has become the most powerful tools in the world

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Advantages of the Language

The first language is incorporated in writing scholarly books. Writers use the word to explain the role of the characters, either in dialogue form. A good author must have strong vocabularies to express themselves clearly and correctly without using jargon or ambiguous words. Various books, especially those used in an academic setting, contains concise and precise language depending on the level of the learners (Phillips & Ehrenhofer, 2015). For instance, the language used in writing high school books is more straightforward compared to the university or college materials.

Poetry is also written through the assistance of language since it helps in expressing feelings, imaginations, and thoughts. Poetry language helps in bringing the difference between a poem and other categories of speech. Poetry is classified through the use of consistent and regular sound patterns like alternation, a repetition in traditional societies, poetry incorporates grammatical structures and archaic words. Although poetry does not necessarily rely on grammatical rules, the writer must be proficient in the language to deliver the meaning in a literature way. In poetry, the knowledge in language enables the writer to incorporate figurative language in poems such as simile, metaphor, personification, symbolism, and imagery. The word also allows the use of various sound devices in poetry, including assonance, consonance, alliteration, and rhyme scheme.

Besides, language is used in composing songs. Every music contains the meaning which is conveyed to the audience or singers. Songs include natural or authentic language since they aid the learning process. The language allows the musician to introduce cultural aspects through the application of the spoken contractions in every stanza or line of the song (Friedmann & Rusou, 2015). Language is vital in music because it makes the author expose various types of the accent of English like British, American, and Caribbean English. Dialects are also represented by music from different places and in multiple formats, and models, For example, Gospel, Reggae, Rock, and Jazz, may change the accents as well as the vocabulary depending on the targeted audience and vocabulary.

Accordingly, language is also applicable in the News. The media comprises of the print that is journals, magazines, and newspapers, while electronic media includes television, radio, and social media. Language is essential in every communication process, either in spoken or written form. The journalist uses vocabulary in writing news reports, articles, interviews, or all information that may seem as newsworthy (Adsera & Pytlikova, 2015). Also, the language is used when news anchorage or reporting since the media personnel must compile the news script before airing to the news consumers. Without communication, mainstream or traditional media would not become active. Also, through language, different people can interact and socialize through social media sites, like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or My space. Various university students may participate in the political discussion through an online forum where they began building political desires, ambitions, and interests. Some young individuals aspire to become political leaders, having acquired the campaigning strategies through social networking. So, through the help of language, social media has become the primary source of political participation and efficacy, creating awareness concerning campaigning and voting. Therefore, word has power on social media, which is the platform for communication or sharing of information to the various audience to improve their participation in political activities.

Lastly, language boosts individuals working memory. Various studies have indicated that people who are proficient in language are associated with academic performance. Communication helps in the procession of information appropriately due to exposure to new concepts, ideas, and real-life scenarios. Individuals who communicate various languages may have many friends, unlike those who use a single language (Adsera & Pytlikova, 2015). Fluent communication boosts conversations resulting in friendship creation. Therefore, being knowledgeable in writing may help one to pass the traits to the children and younger generations.

Disadvantages of the Language

Language brings the issues of the language barrier. Although various people are fluent in English, not all can speak fluently. Multiple cultures may sometimes have their traditional language for communication, and when they are not empowered through education, it becomes hard to communicate or listen to English. For instance, in a social forum, when the speaker is talking in English, it becomes difficult for people who originate from a different culture to understand, leading to miscommunication. The language also makes people have low-self efficacy, especially students in the classroom setting. For example, students who have proficiency in a language get involved in asking and answering questions making those who are poor in communication develop low-self-esteem due to fear of making mistakes during class discussions or presentations.

Also, the language may affect relationships. For instance, when a person from a new culture shares information from another one from a different community, it becomes herds to understand each other leading to weak interactions. Also, various scholars or authors may use complicated or complex language in writing their poems, books, or songs, making it hard for people to understand and obtain the meaning of the material (Seker, 2016). Some writing journals or articles may incorporate jargon or complicated words leading to misunderstanding. Besides, during oral communication, people may fail to use brief and straightforward words to pass the message appropriately, resulting in poor social relationships.


Language has power because it defines how one behaves or interacts in a social environment. Language has shaped how people perceive or view poetry, songs, news, or reading materials like books, or articles. Language aids both spoken and written communication and assist people in properly sharing their opinions or views. However, the language may bring the aspects of the language barrier leading to adverse impacts on relationships. Therefore, language is a powerful tool in the world because it shapes human lives in various aspects through communication since it allows the expression of feelings and emotions.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

How does language play a significant role in literature, poetry, and music?

Language is a potent force in literature, poetry, and music as it allows authors and poets to communicate effectively their thoughts, feelings, and imaginations. Literature relies heavily on strong vocabulary to convey ideas clearly and precisely while tailoring language use specifically for each intended audience. Poetry uses language figuratively or through sound devices or rhythmic patterns to evoke emotions and create vivid imagery while music relies heavily on it for expression, cultural representation, storytelling purposes as lyrics form part of its musical fabric and create vivid images through rhythmic patterns - language serves this artistic medium in all three art forms to shape narratives while creating vivid imagery which enhances overall artistic experiences for audiences alike.

How does language influence news reporting and media communication?

Language is central to news reporting and media communication as its primary mode of conveying information to an audience. Journalists employ language when writing news reports, articles, or scripts in order to ensure their message reaches its intended target. Language helps journalists choose appropriate vocabulary, organize their sentences efficiently and convey the intended message. Social media platforms have also become integral tools in political participation, awareness and information sharing, allowing individuals to communicate, discuss and participate in political activities online. Language plays an essential role in this form of communication as it allows users to express their opinions freely while sharing knowledge to inform political dialogue.

What are the disadvantages of language?

Language barriers can create challenges in communication between individuals from different cultural backgrounds, particularly when miscommunication or misunderstanding occurs between them. Misunderstandings may impede relationships and interactions, as miscommunication and misunderstandings lead to difficulties forming bonds and having effective conversations. Furthermore, limited English proficiency has an adverse impact on self-efficacy of students attending schools where weaker language abilities might inhibit participation or expressive ability compared to those with greater proficiency. Complex or jargon-laden language used in written or verbal communications create barriers which make understanding information challenging - leading to reduced relationships and self-esteem issues among individuals as a result.

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