Personal Statement to Do Summer Research on Biology

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Date:  2021-03-09

My interest in science particularly, biology dates back to my early childhood. From the experience, I have received several awards in both physical and biological sciences. However, the extensive interest, aspiration, and performance in biology have made it one of my best subjects and areas of study. In this regard, I have not only chosen biology as my area of specification because I have performed in it excellently, but because it touches directly on human life, and through studying it I stand a chance to provide solutions to some of the diseases that currently affect individuals. Therefore, to gain more knowledge on this subject, I seek to undertake research in biology to improve my understanding of matters that require field work and research.

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The summer research on biology is important to me in various aspects. First, during summer, I have free time that I can dedicate specifically to conduct the research. As it is, during summer the school has been closed temporarily which means that assignment, continuous assessment tests, and exams do not take place. As such, I will have more time to focus on the research and ensure an excellent performance. On the same note, during summer most institutions are free which provide a comfortable environment to conduct research on biology.

Apart from the favorable environment during summer, research on biology will give me an opportunity to practically perform most of the theoretical concepts learnt in class. Particularly, biology is one of the subjects that have practical; some are carried in the laboratory while others are done in the field. In that regard, to be proficient with some of the theories learnt in class, it is of great significant to practically perform them as this will equip me with extensive knowledge and prepare me for my future career as a biologist researcher.

Additionally, my summer research will not only assist me but also help the institution and the entire community. Particularly, my aim is to get solutions to some of the problems that affect individuals, specifically diseases. Therefore, in an attempt to provide the solution to such problems, I believe the community and the entire population will benefit. On the same note, with the fresh mind from the school and vast theoretical knowledge, I know I will be of great importance to the existing staff of the institution. This can both be physically where I can be sent from one point to another or ideologically where I can contribute significantly on matters that need solutions.

Lastly, accumulating these valuable learning experiences, I will be preparing myself for a professional career in biology and its related subjects. Being exposed to biology, I am interested in preventing dangerous diseases that currently affect humankind. Specifically, I plan to quintessence on human diseases that can be avoided by learning biology. After carefully reading the importance of research, I believe taking this opportunity to conduct the research during this summer would be one of the most important steps towards achieving my academic and career goals. Therefore, I am very confident in that my many research proficiencies together with a firm promise to biology have merited me to be competent to take graduate research study during this summer at your university.

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