Personal Statement on MBA Study at Canada's Top-Rated DeGroote University: My Dream Come True!

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2023-03-22


I decided to select DeGroote University because it is the best institution that offers quality education to all business students. DeGroote School of Business offers world-class academic services. Also, it has been my dream or desire to study a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Canada. I started to develop an interest in business activities after I finished high school. My dream is to promote corporate responsibility in society and interact well with other people. Studying MBA in DeGroote will enable me to interact with other people from different parts of the world.

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I am a thorough, systematic, and hardworking person. I normally like it when all activities are stated clearly and simply, especially in technical operations to avoid errors. Normally, I follow guidelines and respect regulations provided by any authority to ensure effective operation in the workplace. I am an excellent listener because other people's opinions are critical in decision-making processes. My listening abilities have enabled me to develop appropriate interpersonal skills and interact well with other workmates. I do not respond emotionally to situations that may be crises to other people because I value the importance of being calm and solving problems wisely. Many people have been complaining about my ability to tolerate the characters of others who prefer working in a controlled or moderate way. In case of an emergency, I respond quickly to identifying its causes and practical solutions that can help in preventing further problems.

My decision-making skills are based on contemplative thought and prior reflection to identify strategies and solutions for the matter of discussion. Also, I am self-reliant and take maximum resistance in my efforts to develop the best outcomes. I normally make decisions after critically thinking and reflecting on the possible results for the topic of discussion. Also, engage in Evidence-Based Management in determining and implementing quality business strategies.

I have worked in different companies and given a managerial position. During my working periods, I developed a lot of career experiences. As a Retail Business Manager at Prudential Life Zenith Insurance Limited, I redesigned and directed the modern business process with reduced policy cycle working days. Also, I was able to monitor the activities and manage performances of 20 zonal managers in the process of ensuring that a budgeted written gross premium was achieved at Prudential Life Zenith Insurance Limited. I was responsible for reporting all relevant technical activities and provide practical strategies to the Chief Operating Officer at Prudential Life Zenith Insurance Limited.

I prefer concentrating on the issues discussed in decision-making and listen to other peoples' opinions. Logical thinking guides me in making sound decisions that benefit the group and organization. I am able to deal with complicated issues that may arise in the workplace and provide practical solutions that help in promoting performances in the workplace. My interpersonal skills enable me to keep control in case of a crisis.

My personality traits and strengths have earned me a lot of career recognition and achievements. I introduced and implemented functionalities that were crucial for the retail sales management unit because it increased the company's performance. Coordinated and managed the fulfillment of data cleansing operations for 10, 234 policies in July 2016 with a team of six Information Technology (IT) members. Also, I established five insurance products that increased annual written premiums at Wapic Life Insurance Limited. My excellent performances at Wapic Life Assurance Limited made the management to nominate me as the employee of the year in 2018.

Despite my outstanding strengths and personality traits, I have some weaknesses that might affect my performance. To avoid the negative impacts of my personal weaknesses, I normally use them as opportunities for learning new things in life. Also, I have utilized my weaknesses in identifying possible career areas that require correction and improvement. The interaction with many people from various departments at Prudential Life Zenith Insurance Limited has enabled me to identify my personal career and personality weaknesses. First, my decision-making skills are limited to what I know. While working in AXA Mansard Insurance plc as a Team Lead, Group Life Underwriting, my colleagues realized that I normally make a decision based on my understanding. I used this weakness to improve my critical thinking skills during decision-making processes.

Also, my focus and desire to organize personal thoughts can make me appear inarticulate during decision-making processes. I have been able to use this weakness of overthinking in identifying the importance of remaining calm during a crisis. In some cases, I am impatient with disorganized employees in the workplace. After a thorough self-reflection, I have decided to use this weakness of impatience in tolerating the characters of other people my inability to express true feelings enables me to avoid emotional responses when problems arise in the workplace.

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