Personal Statement for Entrance into MA in Counseling Psychology Program

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Wordcount:  576 Words
Date:  2023-01-16

I have a great passion in psychology, and this has made me put much effort in seeking a course that would provide me with an opportunity to study Masters of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology that will equip me with necessary knowledge and skills to become a professional counseling psychologist. I have worked as a medical administration technician in the Air Force for ten years. During the time I was working in the military, I was deployed to Qatar for six months to assist the injured soldiers. Considering the difficulties that the soldiers were going through at the time, I, together with other medical administration technicians, provided physical help to the injured soldiers by giving them appropriate medication. Also, I provided counseling to the soldiers as they undoubtedly suffered mentally in the war field. Notably, I made significant headway in helping the injured soldiers living a normal life once again as they showed a positive response to my physical and mental assistance.

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After completing my mission in Qatar, I returned home where to found that my friend was suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD), drug abuse, and alcohol. PSTD affected his ability to perform his responsibilities as a parent, and this increased stress even to the family members, notably because of many unrealized family needs. Moreover, the trauma affected my friend's relationship with family members. Furthermore, he was becoming more emaciated as he excessively abused drugs and alcohol, which immersed him deeper into an addiction, which protracted the difficulties experienced by his family. Dealing the PSTD and alcohol and drugs addiction greatly broke my heart, considering the pains which were experienced by his family. Fortunately, the Veteran Center assisted him in overcoming PSTD and substance abuse, and this increased my desire to become a professional psychologist where I can provide psychological help to the affected military members and their families which always bear the burden brought about by the difficulties experienced by the soldiers. It is instructive to note that I have always harbored the ambition of bringing a positive impact on the lives of soldiers considering the problems they often face in the battlefield and the effort made by the Veteran Center to restore the life of my friend embolden my resolve to pursue MA in Counseling Psychology.

Additionally, I successfully pursued and obtained a bachelor degree in Health Administration, which I firmly believe is a basis in the clinical field. Understandably, my undergraduate education has adequately prepared me to make further educational pursuit in obtaining a masters degree that will offer me the right path to achieving my career goals. Besides, attaining MA in Counseling Psychology would undoubtedly assist me in accomplishing my career goal of bringing a positive impact to the affected military members, veterans, and families. Furthermore, I intend to use my MA in counseling to come up with different strategies and methods especially from the counseling front to forestall cases where soldiers from the battlefield suffer from PSTD and substance abuse that more often than not ruin their lives and that of their families. Equally still, becoming a professional psychologist would assist me in providing proper counseling of the veterans and improve the overall family life. It is instructive to note that the master's program would potentially offer training that will go with my career goals. In light of this, therefore, I would cherish an opportunity to be accepted into the master's program to enable me to become a professional psychologist.

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