Personal statement for College Application

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-11-11


I am interested in the study of strategy and economics to advance more in the field of economics as my passionate career. Throughout my life, I have been working and getting aspirations by use of the say that, for any man's worth there is no more than to accomplish his ambitions. I have a strong belief that it is the ambitions of an individual that determines the life of a human being. Right from my childhood I have always been aspired and given motives by my father to inspire to be an entrepreneur. He worked hard and planned everything logically to make sure that he had to accomplish his ambitions. At the age of 17 years, my father was able to establish his firm having all the necessary skills in the maintenance and construction field. Nowadays, I remember to have more passion and illustrations on what my father imposed on us on various experiences.

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In today's future, I remain focus in the field of electronics to make advancements in the field of managerial skills and create more comprehension in the field of customer requirements, demands, and the shape of the industry. I remain to have the aim of having my firm in the bright days of the dominant field of electronics. When I was having my long holidays, I used to work ultimately with my dad, and through this, I realized a lot of issues facing the company. The challenges were predetermined to have been brought about by the highly compelling economics of the customers basing on demands and supply preferences of the customer. Notably, I am confident that I have all the skill and management aspects that can take me to face off all the challenges that might arise in the field of entrepreneurship. I also realized that for the success of any firm management remain to be essential for good facilitation and perfect Synergy of any given business. Motivation, satisfaction, and management are critical aspects of the advancement of the business thrive. To summarize all of these, what matters all is on the shape of my personal life and my career. All my future is predicted and predetermined by actions and decisions to aid in steps towards my futuristic ambitions.

I did some business studies in business in the city of Visakhapatnam. It is when I made a lot of experience in giving the whole field of business more meaning and understanding to my career and taking of the masters in the field of Management. The field also helps in the growth of personal, professional and academic aspects that will help in granting more knowledge in the business sector. Economics and strategy remain to be significant in the evolvement and development of the whole school of entrepreneurship. There is a lot of essences to be created and adopted in the London Business School Community. The school remains to be decidedly advanced by various advancements that re-adopted to create more entrepreneurial skills.

On my internship, I opt to evolve more on the recommendations, data strategy, and the various insights of collecting different data sets. There is also the interconnection of the data product and strategy adoptions. All the packages of data help in monthly reporting of the consolidated KPIs. I studied MSc in Management in Engineering( Major-Marketing for Production Managers) the key modules that I undertook was on developing Value Proposition, Marketing Analysis, Project Management, and Developing Trade Marketing. I also did Bachelor of Technology- Electronics and Communication Engineering at GITAM Institute of Technology. It was at the University of GITAM. I achieved Eiffel Scholarships from 2017 to 2018. I have a certificate in Bertelsmann Data Science Challenge Scholarships. My interest lies in technology, cinema, and photography.

I look forward to the undertaking of my MSc in Economics and Strategy at GITAM University. I will be thankful to pursue my career and meet my ambitions as dictated by my dream and aspirations. Thanks in regards.

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