Personal Experience of Achieving Success Speech Outline

Paper Type:  Speech
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  818 Words
Date:  2022-07-08


General Purpose: To share personal experience and the awareness or lesson achieved.

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Specific Purpose: After hearing my experience, people will understand the meaning of success and what contributes to its achievement. Success calls for the endurance of hardships and seizing of opportunities.

Thesis: The only valid secrete of achieving your success boils down to the result of hard work, preparation and learning from failures as well as living the comfort zone to face hardships as you seize every opportunity that comes your way.


A. Attention Getter: Some people will dream of success. However other people get up every morning and make it happen. This implies that most people prefer dreams, illusions, and favors rather than getting up and putting their heart, soul, and mind to all their endeavors even in tiniest acts that will contribute to their success.

B. Relate to the audience: I am certain that at some point most people have encountered the following hardships: the struggle of getting the same love as the one you spreading, trying to locate where your soul will lie peacefully, getting to know and learn our true identity and financial exclusion.

C. Thesis: We all have to fight a good and peaceful fight with our souls to keep on pushing our limit. This involves testing our potential and living to our most vehemence while keeping in line with success even when results don't show instantly.

D. Preview: Nine years ago I was willing to abandon any negative lifestyle that I had developed so that I could be a better and successful person. The main reason why most people do not become the successful people they wish to be is that they are too attached to their identity hence they do not work hard enough.


1. I was willing to let go of everything and everybody who had a negative impact on my life. I needed to make the first step of disassociating myself with all the baggage that I had been carrying for a long time and march forward to achieving my future dreams.

2. This change was because I had gone through the hardships and failures that had stagnated my life.

3. Therefore, I was willing to make sacrifices by living behind many people and other stuff in my life to be able to attain my goals and aims of becoming financially stable.

4. Through my endeavors, I came to learn how to earn, keep and grow money.

5. I learned how to earn money used my closet as my workplace for years but keeping the money was an issue so I went to people who knew how to make it, keep it, and grow it.

6. I was willing to invest money and work many hours with little or no rest.

7. I disrupted my life so as to seize the opportunities that life presented to me so as to achieve success.


A. To conclude

B. My Summary: I realized that we are not supposed to tuck our dreams on the pillow when we get up in the morning, we are not supposed to leave them at home but carry them within us so as to seize the many opportunities we come across to succeed in life.

1. I came to understand that although some people argue that success should not be measured in monetary achievements, money is the most important component of success.

2. To become successful, people leave their comfort zone to face the hardships of life so as to utilize the numerous opportunities that life presents.

C. Close the speech in a way that leaves a lasting impact on the audience: Life is unfair as it gives as lemons. We should use these lemons to make lemonade. This means that life is full of hardships which we need so as to identify the numerous opportunities we encounter to become successful.


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