Essay Example on Four Elements of Human Emotions Discovered by Kelly

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Date:  2023-01-26

An emotion is a mental condition that comes up instinctively, and not by sentient effort and is mostly conveyed by the physiological changes. When a human has emotions, he can either be feeling, happy, joyful, sorrow, or anger. According to Kelly's research, he discovered four of the most mutual elements that disturb humans most. These are guilt, anger, fear, anxiety, and threat. This paper talks about the four elements of human that were discovered by Kelly.

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In the personal concept theory, Kelly said that most people classify and brand the experience of the raw sensory experience using bipolar magnitudes of individual concepts, or meaning. When talking about the constructing act, Kelly did not like to use the terms 'feeling' and 'thinking.' Kelly said that he could subordinate nothing with those words that would validate treating it as a class and not a magnitude of the appraisal. Although Kelly did not discuss his feelings when he was using terms that are typically effective, he gave assurance for typically three phenomena that are seen as effective: anxiety, guilt, and threat. Kelly considered these sensations as sentiments, but as magnitude lines which individual concept can be plotted. The theory of Kelly is viewed as the philosophical postulation of beneficial alternativism, that means whatever nature might be, or having the quest for reality will be true at the end. Kelly said that individuals constantly construe occasions so that they get the sense of their experiences individually.

In the article of George Kelly by Melissa Karnaze, Barret said that emotion paradox is whereby there are no criteria which are approved scientifically to experience distinct emotion condition. For example, the patients' abrasions on the ventromedial cortex showed a response, which is automatic to emotional music, but there is no a decrease in personal emotional experience. One of the views from the emotion paradox states that, philosophical supposition divergences with the productive alternative, which says that individuals cannot understand reality beyond the limitations of their sensory organs. Emotions are not distinct entities, but they are socially constructed. People debate that a relatively constructionist approach is far much precise than relative foundationalism. Hence, the theoretical orientations of a relatively constructionist concerning emotion might still function the assumption of the foundationalism that there is a more precise way to define an emotional life.

The assumption that emotion paradox might be challenging, and that accounts of emotion should come together, is reinforced by the premise that several components or measures of emotion should come together. In the article, A Constructivist Approach to Defining Human Emotions by Melissa, Cromwell gave warnings in contrast to moving rudiments of the same dominion, or hypothetical framework, to other domains, by saying that 'knowledge dominion, with their exceptional linguistic and discrete assumptions and objectives, cannot be diversified without meeting with logical challenges.


Cornwell also said that the way a specific psychologist explains emotion depends upon the feature of emotion being attended to and vice versa. However, it is useful to abandon the idea that one can ultimately conclude that a solo theory of emotion can predict more strongly than the others, concerning the same variable of emotion. For example, if one theory of emotion concentrates on what are the causes of emotions and the other one emphases on the consequences of emotion, then there is no need to compare the two of them.

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