Personal Essay Example: A Dermal Therapist Career Plan

Date:  2021-03-24 21:41:22
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Background of cosmetic medicine and beauty therapy in Australia

There are an increasing dynamism and changes in the types of services offered at the cosmetic salon and during the cosmetic surgery. The changes have occurred because of the various factors, for instance, the rising innovation and technology and the increased demands of improved services from the clients (Lukash, 2010). Traditionally, about ten years ago many people think that salons are only meant for hair solutions such as hairdressing services including the shampooing, cutting, perishing, highlighting among others. However, in todays salons, there are also focuses on the other sophisticated hairstyles that meant for traditional events or occasions such as promotions, weddings, and even big dinners.

Apart from hair solutions, beauty salons can also provide skin care services to customers. Concerning skin care, the traditional beauty salons in Australia only offered standard services such as the sun tanning. The majority of the traditional beauty salons have sun tanning beds meant for the customer's use. However, the old tanning bedrooms, are replaced by the variety of beauty salons are beginning to provide spray-on tans which have proved to be one hundred percent safer compared to using sun tanning beds. Moreover, the most modern beauty salons also offer finger and toenail care services. While some women may prefer their nails to be plain, most of them like their nails painted and manicure provided on them. Nevertheless, the beauty salons spas unlike the traditional salons and spas, offer spa treatments in many spa setting and standard treatments for example massages, acupuncture, body wraps among other services in the modern day beauty salons.

However, the cosmetic surgery services are to improve the beautiful condition or appearance of an individual. It is noted that five to ten years back, the surgeons were only limited to surgery while in the modern, the doctors are capable of providing a range of nonsurgical activities or operations including the dermal procedures to facilitate surgical outcomes thereby capturing large customers thus increased market growth. Besides, the statistics show that, in the old days, cosmetic surgery majorly done 90 percent women patients who mainly required Botox injections, breast enlargements, laser hair removal among others. However, men also have visited the surgeons for cosmetic surgeries for instance for penile enlargement, and even Botox injections. Also, in the modern Australian days, the majority of cosmetic procedures are performed by doctors in their consultancy offices and free-standing surgical centers as opposed to the hospitals which may be ideal for reducing the chances of further complications.

Significance of achieving a formal qualification in dermal therapies

Various benefits are associated with someone who has obtained a formal qualification in dermal treatments. A Dermal Therapist is a title given to an individual who has an added credential to a Beauty Therapist. Additional, the person must have finished formal qualifications in Dermal Therapy discipline at a higher level of Diploma in Beauty Therapy,

The traditional service including manicure, facials, and waxing will soon remain replaced by the beauty treatment known as dermal therapies using cosmetic or beauty procedures such as a laser, IPL, chemical peels, skin needling and microdermabrasion. In Australia, there was the formation of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinician (ASDC) that was developed to minimize the risks of complications or injuries thereby increasing the safety of the patient. Therefore, the formal qualification was designed to patients safety as well as avoiding the nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. With the formal qualifications required in dermal therapy, statistics shows that the Dermal Therapy Industry has significantly grown and thereby increasing the demand for dermal practitioners practicing in Australia in the past 13 years. Moreover, the Dermal Clinicians remain highly specialized in providing non-surgical treatments for dermatological disorders or diseases, for instance, photo damage and aging, acne, inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (Weinberg, 2000). Similarly, the formal qualifications also facilitate the empowerment of the Dermal Therapist with the formal qualification needed to develop a career working in paramedical, allied health and exceptional beauty and the cosmetic environment. Also, the practitioners assured of the knowledge and preparation required for working in the increasing dynamic and more evolving health and wellness beauty industry. They achieve this by their presentation to both the theories and advanced clinical practices during their study period.

My goals and aspirations as a Dermal Therapist

My passion for beauty and education enabled me to take a Dermal Therapy career. With my background working in salons and organizing events such as weddings, I turned my focus to studying a Diploma course in Beauty Therapy with the future goal of becoming a Dermal Therapist. Also, my goal is to become the talk of the country as the leader in advanced and equally complicated cosmetic procedures in the provision of safe and efficient treatments or medications. Moreover, I will ensure that I produce results that remain clinically proven as the real and appropriate result for instance in IPL permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, cosmetic tattooing, lasers, fat freezing among others.

Moreover, I am to ensure dedication in the provision of the highest possible standards in the outcomes, both the patient and my safety as well as general services for both men and women. I will, therefore, ensure that patient appreciates the value of their money from the best treatment and advice they consistently receive. Besides, I dream to involve the scientifically proven methods together with the modern technologies to facilitate maximum results or outcomes from the patient. However, maintaining high standards of safety and integrity will be my emphasis while using these techniques. Moreover, I have a genuine passion and commitment of helping patients to feel and look good again through developing an individuals personalized treatment plan regarding their specific needs or concerns such as unwanted fat, aging, acne, sun interference, rosacea, pigmentation, scarring, unwanted hair, yellow teeth and blotchy skin. Therefore, my goal is committed to helping you feel good.

Lastly, I will fully engage my interpersonal and communication skills in treating and advising the patient. The customers satisfaction is my goal thus; they deserve a friendly and professional customer service and care. Thereby, my good reputation from my excellent services and practical solutions together with the words of mouth from the customers will act as my advertisement and promotional tool in my marketing strategies.



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