Part 3 (30 points)

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Date:  2022-11-21

Using the new file that you have saved for Part 3 (see General Instructions, #5, write a standard memo of no more than two pages, from you as student in this course to me as its instructor. Briefly answer the six questions below regarding the short report you created in Part 2. Make sure your answers are all complete sentences.

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The CMAPP model identifies four types of primary purpose. Which of those four was yours in your report to Bartok?

What is your rationale for claiming that "purpose"?

Who was your report's primary audience and what justifies your response?

Did you assume any secondary audience(s) and what is your rationale for your answer?

What is your rationale for any visuals you chose to include in your report? (Note that simply claiming that you did not include a visual because you did not think it would have been useful would not be a convincing rationale.)

What, if any, information presented in the scenario did you exclude, and why? (Simply claiming that you "included only what was necessary and/or excluded what was not" would not be a convincing rationale.)

In constructing your memo, remember in particular the CMAPP Complementary Attributes of Accessibility, Brevity, Concision, and Precision, as well as the KISS principle. Remember, also, to adhere to the standard memo conventions presented in Chapter 12 of your textbook.

End of Part 3

Date: 1st Feb 2019

To: Course Instructor

From: John Doe J. D

Re: Standard Memorandum

CMAPP identifies four types of primary purpose which are the message, audience, purpose, and product. In the report written for Bartok, the primary purpose of the report was the purpose. In these, the report was written to make the VP of Dupoint Automobiles Vancouver branch agree to the request made by the internship program coordinator of PTI college to partake in the Sep-Dec 2011 internship program.

The rationale for claiming the purpose is that the VP wanted to have a conclusive answer when he was to decide on how he was going to answer to the request made by the PTI's internship program coordinator.

The primary audience for the report is the VP of Dupoint Automobile Inc. the reason is that he was the one that was going to make use of the report in deciding on whether to participate on 2011 internship program or not.

I did not assume any rationale for a secondary audience for the members of staff that were consulted were in the same level of literacy as I. Secondly the VP had not shared any information concerning the sharing of the information contained in the report. The report was for his use only.

The rationale for the visuals used in the report is to provide a platform where the VP could compare and contrast the figures the company spent on the expenses of salary for the interns during the period in which they were in the internship at the company.

The information omitted from the report is the one involving the expenses that the company spent in the form of salaries to the interns after they got employed into the company. This information is omitted since that part of data is irrelevant for the use of deciding on whether to enroll students in the internship program or not.

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