Parenting in Tech World: Benefits vs Harms - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


Parenting in the current sophisticated technological world represents one of the most significant challenges to parents. There is a terrific disconnect between media-related parental advice and the real situations of contemporary parenting. Most parents have resorted to electronic games as a substitute to solve resource constraints. Electronic video games may have benefits to the upbringing of a child, but the harmful effects surpass these benefits by a more considerable margin (Steinkuehler). This paper gives a detailed study of the negative impacts of video games on kids in society.

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The raising of kids remains a risky concept if a parent fails to handle the childhood stage with the ultimate care it deserves. There are different types of video games available for children and teenagers, and these have adverse medical, psychological, and physical effects (Steinkuehler). Most of these effects remain harmful to the life of an individual, and in extreme measures, they can lead to a complete change of lifestyle for a worse course. The greatest challenge that comes with video games for a child entails its addiction, and once a person develops this addition, they spend most of their time playing the game without realizing it. Generally, video games turn extremely distractive since a person loses interest in things they have been accustomed to due to gaming interface control of the brain. The adverse effects of video games include the following

Psychological Impact

Playing video games for an extensively long period contributes to an impact on the collective actions of an individual. Extreme engagement in gaming develops specific qualities that contribute negatively to an individual's all-around development. The tremendous psychological defect that accompanies video gaming entails social isolation. Human beings are naturally social beings, and altering the standard functionality of society harms an individual. Most of the video gamers lock themselves in the house and spend a better part of the day and minimal time associating with other people (Khodakovskaia et al.). The video gamers spend little time outside and, on most occasions, rush back to the house to continue with their isolation routine to continue playing.

The other psychological effect of video games entails a confusion of reality and fiction in life. This concept arises from self-isolation, hampering their mingling and association with people to learn and understand new things in life ("Negative Effects Of Video Games: It's Worse Than You Thought - Tech Spirited"). The consequence of lack of interaction leads these children to believe whatever they see in the virtual games can equate to the real world, and their behavior and communication will replicate what they do in the video games.

The decrease in the moral values of children also constitutes a psychological effect of video games on young children. The violent video games that engage in robbery and other criminal activities encourage a lack of reprimand for good morals in society. Some games such as grand theft auto support morally wrong values since they constitute the primary purpose of the game. The nonappearance of significant-quality inside these games sways youths by indicating them degenerate activities. In this manner, the more young the players are when playing these games, the more they will most likely grasp these characteristics ("Negative Effects Of Video Games: It's Worse Than You Thought - Tech Spirited"). The help of these characteristics gets from the dull thought of these video games. So also, similarly as with any informed lead, emphasis, and consistent presentation help sustain that relationship into a child's practices. Specifically, the negative affiliations made from these games cause adolescents to have a lessening of accuse factor while presenting the exercises. The accuse factor is what shields people from showing the activities. Along these lines, a reduction in this tendency will construct a person's ability to participate in these practices.

Medical Impact

There are several adverse therapeutic effects oo playing video games that mostly involve actions to the body. Continuous engagement of the brain during video games contribute to shrinkage of the hippocampus region of the brain. This part of the brain associate with navigation, memory, and stress regulation (West et al.). The majority of the children who participate in video games lose the grey matter in the hippocampus as a result of eye-hand coordination during the playing process.

The addiction and continued play of video games contribute to the overstimulation of the sensory system. During the play, various overstimulation messages are sent to the nervous system due to bright screen visuals and rapid movements. This concept enables the body's flight or fight response, making a hyperarousal state. Exactly when the child isn't playing video games, the brain experiences material hardship, which can incite peevishness. This action can make adolescents experience seizures, tics, and cerebral pains.

Behavioral Impact

Violent video games contribute to hypersensitivity and decrease of self-control for the gamers. Hypersensitivity entails the loss of control about some physical activities and substances. The rampant increase of manufacturing violent games contribute to increasing self-control problem for the children (Robert). There are various traits of children that remain stable as a child grows to adulthood, and video games constitute such activities. The children who play violet games will develop such a character to adulthood. The violent video games represent the wrong, making the children unfit for their future roles. The violent video games emphasize a reward for success in illegal acts, and this affects the behavior of a child into thinking that a person can feel a hero for doing wrongs in society.

Aggressive Behaviour

The wild video game players will, without a doubt, address the over the top characters. Subsequently, if the game is a first-person firearm, the troupe has the same image perspective as the killer (Robert). If the game constitutes a third person, the participant manages the exercises of the unforgiving personality from a progressively freed obvious point from seeing. In a frightful television program, watchers won't identify with a dreadful character. People will likely proceed thoughtfully themselves when they recommend a coldhearted nature. Regardless, the counter-clash by the specialists is that the individuals seeing the ordering endeavors on the television were progressively arranged to have wild qualities when stood apart from the youths playing the appalling video games.

Despite the critique of video games in society, there are several benefits to the children. Most of these benefits include therapeutic and simulation effects (Steinkuehler). These games help the development of children by encouraging children to learn new habits of reaching a destiny by fighting the obstacles they encounter in life. Most of these video games prepare the children with the necessary skills by the provision of a winning mindset of an individual.


In conclusion, most of the video games the children encounter during growth contribute to the destruction of the future generation. The manufacturers of these games need regulation on the content they present to children to ensure they never ruin the future of children and make video games for recreation purposes. The parents also needed to regulate the content they present to their children in the name of recreation.

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