Paper Sample on Organizational Challenges: Financial Instability, Health Workers, and UNICEF and TPP Collaboration

Paper Type:  Report
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  350 Words
Date:  2023-09-15

Internal challenges to be incurred

Organization facing financial instability

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Health workers spending longer hours than usual in offering education, this may cause fatigue and other longer-shift related problems.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Teen Prevention Program (TPP) might need to collaborate.

They may use this as a pilot test to make international and national plans for enacting the same policies for a large population of ladies. Suppose the program succeeds, they will improve their reputation. However, they are also risking in terms of financial stability and reputation if the campaign might fail.


The victory of this program might make the state to question the reliability and contribution of other competitive organizations.

As a way of stopping the campaign, they might decide to file lawsuits questioning the legitimacy and qualification of our assigned nurses, which will inconvenience our time and cost.

Plans Primary targets

Healthcare representatives of institutions in departments dealing with adolescents.

Parents with or without young girls in the community.

Secondary targets

Healthcare managers and professionals are managing the representatives.

Community health development team, who gathers and stores parental piece of information.

Community-women and youth leaders.

-seek patient information about adolescent delivery records and trends.

- perform interviews and use administered questioners on parents, community youth programs, and women organizations to seek the potential causes of the issue.

-direct letters to healthcare managers seeking their authority to access organizational records for use in the campaign.

The campaign should be a 6-month program using the allocated $90,000. The first target result is a reduction in infant mortality rates. Improving education and knowledge about the childbearing process among the youth would reduce the rates. From this result, another target is slow community and state expenditure on managing early pregnancies, which are likely to be expensive. Young girls are also expected to be more hopeful and self-esteem that motivates them to make accurate decisions after the education and training programs (Connelly, 1998).


Connelly, C. D. (1998). Hopefulness, self-esteem, and perceived social support among pregnant and nonpregnant adolescents. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 20(2), 195-209.

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