Paper Sample on Dangers of Speeding

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Date:  2021-03-25

Speeding is all about the violation of speed limits that have been posted on various roads by the authorities, driving too fast, and failing to observe the road and weather conditions while driving. Some of the reasons for speeding may include failure to manage one's time, recklessness, failure to check one's local road traffic reports, and mischief. Speeding is not only dangerous but also illegal. A driver who speeds may be arrested and charged in a court of law. The point is that speeding is very costly irrespective of how experienced one is behind the wheel. This essay highlights some of the dangers of speeding.

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One major danger of speeding is that it can lead to death. Speeding puts the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to control a speeding car irrespective of the type or experience of the driver. A speeding vehicle cannot defy Physics. In case the driver spots a pedestrian, an oncoming car or any other barrier, yet the speed is too high, the stopping distance becomes longer hence leading to a fatal crash. The vehicle may also roll, particularly when one tries to negotiate a bend. Speed-related deaths are quite high. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration affirms that about 30% of all crashes that are fatal in America are a result of speeding. This means that speeding is dangerous since it puts innocent peoples lives at risk. The driver is at risk too.

Secondly, if one survives a speed-related accident, they are likely to suffer serious injuries due to the impact, especially if one has not buckled their seatbelt. The driver of a speeding vehicle may make impact with the steering wheel, the dashboard or the windshield leading to serious neck, spinal and head injuries. Some of these injuries may be irreversible hence leading to paralysis. Other injuries include physical marring, jaw, fractures and extensive internal bleeding. This means that the injuries caused by a speeding vehicle are too big a burden to be borne. One may become dependent and a bother to others who have to take care of them. Their hospital bills have to be paid. They may also never become independent again.

In addition, speeding poses a danger to the environment. The local communities would wish to live in a pollution-free environment. However, the emissions, vibration and noise from speeding vehicles pollute this environment. A speeding vehicle is a danger to the community, especially due to the emissions which may also destroy the ozone layer. This means that apart from environmental degradation, the wishes of the people are not fulfilled and this is tantamount to abuse of human rights. Speeding is therefore dangerous.

In conclusion, it is important for every driver to recognize that speeding is extremely risky. It can cause death, serious injuries and environmental degradation. They should also realize that speeding will ultimately affect them, their families and other innocent citizens. Definitely, speeding has far-reaching consequences which are very costly. All drivers should therefore observe traffic rules and avoid speeding.

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