Paper Sample: Fresh Graduate Pursues Master's in Electrical Engineering at KFUPM

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  537 Words
Date:  2023-10-25

I am a fresh graduate from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. I am interested in advancing my studies at the same Institution by enrolling for further education for the Master's category since this will assist me in achieving my goals such as: understanding the renewable energy components, acquire more knowledge that will bring change into the energy sector and the management of the renewable energy project alongside the renewable energy policy and environmental law.

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The main reason for pursuing my goals is to be well-equipped with modern-day technology in the renewable energy sector to increase my employment opportunities in the job market. With the increase in completion in the job market, being professionally equipped is advantageous due to the rapid growth of renewables in society. The knowledge in renewable technologies will help me gain more on the solar power sector, geothermal energy, waste-to-energy systems, and hydrogen, including electrical fuel cells such as batteries and thermal storage.

Also, there is an increase in world global warming. Therefore my study at the Institution will help me come up with a vast knowledge of how to curb that problem, thereby creating a conducive environment for all the living things. This can be achieved by creating proper policies and imposing environmental laws on energy renewal sectors and educating more people about the benefits of taking care of the surrounding. I aspire to achieve my goals at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. I believe in bringing change in the energy sector to give back to the society towards creating a sustainable energy environment.

During my previous course study at King Fahd University of Petroleum and minerals, I assisted in the grading of students' assignments for EE207: Signals systems. I did my internship at Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura, as a project engineer. My duties were; To administer construction and pre-commissioning of a substation, evaluate and review IFC (Issued for construction) according to the company's standards, perform quality control, and ensure safety enhancement at the construction site. I also contributed to the coordination of the construction completion of 4 substations and the supervision of retrofit activities at two stations.

From the knowledge I got from Alfanar Training Institute, Future Technologies Ltd and Special Technical Training Company, I acquired skills in Computer Program: ETAP, MATLAB, Micro Station, Microsoft Office Suite, PSPICE, Personal Skills: Oral Communication, Report Writing, Teamwork, Problem Solving, and Programming Language: C, C++, Assembly, HTML, Python.

On the other hand, my literacy in Arabic and English will be a booster towards achieving my career within the Institution and to the society at large because most continents are familiar with either the words or both. Therefore, I would be glad to secure a chance to quench my thirst in serving the people in modern-day technology by being enrolled as a Masters's student at King Fahd University of Petroleum and minerals.

In summary, being enrolled as a Masters's student at the Institution will serve as a booster to my knowledge and help me explore how to build sustainable and renewable energy in the energy sector. I believe that being familiar with the Institution is an excellent platform for me to achieve my goals.

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