Paper Example on Why the US Should Pull Out of the Vietnam War

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Date:  2021-03-31

The Vietnam War is a rebellion against the South Vietnam government and the United States. The rebellion comes from the North Vietnam regime and the Viet Cong over the communist government (Thayer, 2016 Pg 7). However, the United States government should have little to no involvement in this war. First, the United States government possesses competent weapons but that is not all is needed to get into a war. Having information about the enemy and the terrain of the land is important to know how to go about the operation. It will be a hard task since the United States troops have no information about their enemy and the terrain. Going to war with no information only leads to unnecessary casualties.

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The other reason to withdraw from the fight is because the Vietnamese see the US troops as a threat. President J.F Kennedy introduced a great policy in trying to win the Vietnamese people (Lind, 2013 Pg 32). It does not entail violence but a quick skim through the American life and its advantages to the Vietnamese people. Still, the Vietnamese still see outside forces as intruding and they are rebelling trying to get their independence. The US should pull out of the war till Vietnam asks for help otherwise it will be a losing battle and waste of resources. It is also clear that the US is supporting President Ngo Dinah Diem who has a different approach towards the peasants as compared to Viet Cong (Hellmann, 2013 Pg 35). Peasants to Viet Cong are people who need respect, and help with their work and the Viet Cong adhere to this strategy. The peasants will only revolt since president Ngo Dinah Diem does not respects them and makes them pay for raw materials despite the fact that they are poor.

The US has difficulties in stopping the Ho Chi Minh trail to Viet Cong. The trail is a support from other communists regimes that supplies food, weapons, and drinks to the Viet Cong (Sullivan, 2015 Pg 40). All resolves to end the trail faces lots of resistance and our troops are ineffective in handling the Viet Cong. It is reasonable to withdraw from the fight and to stop fighting a losing battle. Finally, the US troops has lost a significant number of its soldiers in the war. This has led to a decline in the morale of the troops still there. The other factor is the drug use like taking amphetamines to keep the soldiers awake (Gibbons, 2014 Pg 46). As much as it is an immediate help the longer the soldiers keep taking the drugs the less effective they become. It is hard to fight when one is not focused and that is one of the main reasons why the US should pull out of the fight.


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