Essay Sample on John Brown: An Underrated Revolutionary Who Changed US History

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In the U.S History, there exists great leaders and influencers who shaped and impacted US history. Some are overrated while others are underrated than their contribution to the U.S History. Even though the U.S leaders contributed to the History of U.S, John Brown is underrated yet he ended slavery and promoted human rights and triggered the civil war, while Thomas Jefferson is overrated for being founder of independence yet he only drafted and presented the declaration on 4th July 1776.

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Underrated Person

John Brown is one of the highly underrated people who was born on May 9, 1800, and was killed on December 2, 1859 (Grieve). However, he is underrated since he is not highly recognized in the U.S history remembrance despite ending slavery, sparking and creating standards for human rights. He changed American history and thus, he ought to be highly remembered through monuments and days commemoration. If it were not for his efforts to fight for the ending of slavery, the slavery issue would have existed in American history in 1900 or even exist up today. Even though he fought for ending slavery and promotion of human and civil rights resulted into Civil war, he ought to be given much respect and recognition in the current American society than some activists who are given much remembrance than him. He is underrated since John Brown is the person accountable for the sparking of the civil war which is one of the historical civil wars in the U.S and in the world (Corbett, Janssen, Pfannestiel, & Vickery).

As a radical abolitionist, he strived hard to end slavery and risking his life in leading Bleeding Kansas. His greatness and popularity should equate his engagements in violent battles in Kansas and Missouri and his role of influencing the pro-slavery citizens to engage in raids in order to save the citizens from the slavery and racial discrimination that they were undergoing through. Moreover, John Brown seems to be underrated because he ended the anti-slavery and pro-slavery forces that were occurring at the Kansas Territory, thus, being the considered as the leader behind the ending of slavery in U.S history (Grieve). John Brown should be highly recognized since his action of raiding Harpers Ferry triggered further rivalry between the North and South which contributed to the onset of Civil war. He led Bleeding Kansas of 1856 which later lead to the onset of the civil war. He also led anti-slavery forces at Battle of Osawatomie and Black Jack.

Further, John Brown is not remembered in accordance with being considered as the martyr of bringing human freedom. He made Americans achieve human freedom and have human and civil rights. He was captured and hanged due to leading in anti-slavery raids and protests. He ought to be among the most remembered person in the U.S history yet most of the current generation of Americans do not him. He was determined to end slavery through his brave action of leading his followers to attack Harpers Ferry and use the stolen weapons for a slave rebellion. Also he was an anti-slavery icon who stood out among the anti-slavery protestants. He ought to be respected and recognized ultimately since his dedication to ending slavery surpasses any activists or history leaders. His efforts began as early in 1848 when he began to formulate his incitation plans for ending slavery.

Overrated Person

One of the most overrated person in the U.S history is Thomas Jefferson who is considered as the founder for declaration of Independence (Ambersold). On fourth July, he developed the draft of declaration of independence consisting of numerous listing of grievances against King George and the declaration of American government as the republic. Being considered as the founder of American independence is being overrated since the draft did not have significance on influencing the declaration until seven years later. Moreover, Thomas is overrated since the day was he handed over the draft to be signed is overrated and marked as the day the fighters for independence signed the Declaration of Independence rather than the day American got real independence.

His action on the fourth of July makes him to be overrated since American independence was attained through a long fight for independence rather than the day that independence was declared. Thomas Jefferson just handed the first draft and did not get America real independence. He ought to be recognized lowly since he did the simplest step of just handing over the draft rather than relentlessly fighting for independence. What happened on that day was just signing of the declaration by John Hancock and the declaration was declaring that 13 American colonies had seized to be under Britain (Juddery). He is highly associated with the day of declaration of independence yet nothing more than just signing of the declaration occurred.

Other than being the president of America, he is ovverated compared to his contribution to the history of U.S and its independence. Thomas description of being the founder of independence is highly overrated since the official independence occurred on September 3rd, 1783, when the Definitive Treaty of Peace has signed king George. Celebrating the July as the independence of America shows how the day is overrated yet the real and significant independence was gained on 3rd September, which out to be celebrated as the independence day (Lower). Moreover, this event is highly overrated since it did not trigger a colonial response on that day. Britain thought that it was still ruling and colonizing America until 30th August when it learned of the Declaration for Independence by the Americans. This means that the event of that day is given so much recognition that it should be. Moreover, 2nd August should be recognized more than 4th July since 2nd August portrays more crucial step for independence than 4th July. On 2nd August, a parchment copy was signed by about 50 congressmen and thus, it should be more overrated than the declaration of independence day (Corbett, Janssen, Pfannestiel, & Vicker). This day out to be considered as the original day of the declaration of independence rather than the day that the declaration of independence by Thomas Jefferson which was signed by only one person.

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