Paper Example on Walmart's Challenges to Operational Sustainability

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Date:  2023-05-08


Walmart faces various challenges that may prevent it from attaining its desired success. According to Aranda et al. (2017), inaccurate receipting and the failure of the company's production process to match the evolving demand of customers may limit its capacity to achieve operational sustainability. For instance, it is critical for the company's management to create an efficient and reproducible basis in which the technique of receiving things as they appear is applied. The company should often check its inventories and details according to the order, carrying out organized quality controls to confirm the nature of all shipments (Walmart, 2019). Finally, transferring these goods to a classified and predetermined warehouse in the distribution center can help resolve the challenge of inaccurate receipting. Also, it is important to find harmony between having a finger in the decision to talk and think in detail, and finding every possible way to mechanize procedures to reduce time and create increments (Martinez et al., 2017). Areas to examine will be physical set-up procedures or administrative procedures that are too labor-intensive; this leads to the attraction of costs that will affect the profit of Walmart.

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Walmart's Contingency/Audit Planning

Scenarios Provability Impact Preparation Response

Venture into a new market 0.45 Incurred additional costbut positively impacted on profit Proper benchmarking More customers obtained

Engage more labor in the production 0.75 Increased production to meet market demand Training of employees Customer Action satisfaction

Engage the customer for feedback 0.64 More focus on the satisfaction of customer needs Educating employees towards addressing customer needs Improved business image

Walmart's Action plan


Walmart needs to pay attention to its risk assessment and effects/risk diagrams. Afterwards, the company's management should select the most dangerous anticipated situations (Aranda et al., 2017). At this stage, Walmart's leadership must indicate what its stakeholders, including employees need to do in each case to attain success.


Walamart's leadership should specify precisely what prompts you to determine your alternative course of action. The company's employees and managers must also specify the reasons for their appointment (Martinez et al., 2017). For instance, it could be as a result of having an uncomfortable day off, extreme weather conditions, or a warning.


It is important to include a brief description of the system you will follow concerning this event. This description will allow emplpyees to configure the actions your family will need to take.

Who to Inform

It is vital to meet people who need to think about what happened. These may be employees, salespeople, customers, and possibly other positions (Walmart, 2019). Employees should understand how to develop and deliver convincing correspondence under challenging circumstances.

Key Responsibilities

Walmart's leadership should describe the people responsible for every outcome in its operations and its expectations. The Accountability Matrix and the RACI model are valuable tools in this regard.


It is essential to specify what needs to be done at the most critical time, on the most important day, and on the seven most important days when the agreements are implemented.

It can be as simple as "inform the representatives immediately of the circumstances" (Martinez et al., 2017). But some circumstances may require a definite progression of events, such as violations of information, actual injuries, or holes in hazardous materials.

Control process

The control process can take place in different steps. It is essential to establish standards and methods for measuring performance indicators. By definition, models are only performance criteria (Ryu & Simpson, 2011). They are the chosen tricks of the comprehensive system, where performance is assessed in such a way that drivers can get an indication of how things are progressing. It is not necessary to check all progress in implementing the plans.

Performance Assessment

Model performance is assessed prospectively so that deviations can be identified before they occur, and strategic distance from the models can be maintained through appropriate activities (Ryu & Simpson, 2011). The control that the manager of a mechanical relationship creates is not easy, for example, because it is not easy to develop different principles.

Deciding whether or not Performance Meets Standards

The definition of the application details is a simple but essential step in the business process. It is a comparison of the deliberately obtained results with the previously defined reference points (Aranda et al., 2017). When the standard is coordinated, managers can accept that "everything is aligned." In this case, there is no need for managers to interfere with the objectives of the partnership.

Take Corrective Action

A company's progress becomes crucial when implementation is not in line with the guidelines, and when research shows that corrections are needed. Corrective action may include the correction of one or more association exercises (Ryu & Simpson, 2011). For example, a bank branch manager may find that an increasing number of branch employees are required to adhere to the five-minute rule for customers.


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