Critical Essay on Bless Me Ultima

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Date:  2022-07-25


Ultima and Narciso differ in and have some of their character in common. Ultima is an elderly curandera, and a medicine man bestowed with power, a spiritual one, of her ancestors while Narciso is a town drunkard (Franquiz, Maria E2018). These make them differ in some characters since a healer and a drunkard experience different obstacles in life. For example, Ultima shows that he is wise from the way she handles things. She heals people and lifts curses. These make her different from Narciso, mostly in the way she carries out her objectives. Narciso's magic is being a skilled agricultural and cropping crops, he drinks and goes around chanting in his farm about his farm.

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Ultima has a complex and mysterious character that differs from that of Narciso. Her power is feared, and it is not well understood by the community that they are in a lot of individuals in the community refer to her as a witch or a bruja. Antonio also gets into the confusion of the moral nature of the power of Ultima, and there is no person who knows whether she is a reality with (Alarcon, Daniel Cooper 2017). She believes a lot in understanding and tolerance, though; she gives Antonio teachings that differ. She teaches Antonio that different belief systems can bring about ways that are equal and valid in getting to understand the world. Ultima helps Antonio in getting on the right life path and mentors him. She has also served as a midwife there before. The community though it does not like her, she is consulted by those who believe there have been cursed.

Narciso on the other side is a good friend to Gabriel. This is because the two of them share passionate and a deep love for the Llano. He is in a tremendous and growing appreciation for the earth's richness, his very materialistic; his farm is a big masterpiece which is full of fruits and sweet vegetables. He loves and respects Ultima very profoundly. He is killed by Tenorio because of siding and supporting Ultima (Alarcon, Daniel Cooper 2017). He does his things in a way that no one expects. He drinks and sings when planting seed on her farm that makes him amaze a lot of individuals. He is referred to have magic due to the manner in which he can grow crops on his garden magnificently in a way that is much more unorthodoxical. He is also a good man since he tries to warn Ultima of the imminent harm, but he is killed. He protects her from harm.

The community does not well take both; however, Narciso has some families and individual who are in some cases compassionate with him. They are both mocked by a bunch of boys. The community does not like the both of them. Ultima is made to prove that she is not a witch by passing through a door with a mark of a cross from needles (Franquiz, Maria E2018). She is condemned for killing Tenorio's sister a thing that according to Narciso's view she did not commit. Just like the way in which Ultima is complicated, Narciso offers a complicated suggestion that would see Ultima undergo a test for witchcraft. Both of them do extraordinary things in the places of their specialization.

The reason for drinking is because of the death of his wife, and she passed away while still young (Alarcon, Daniel Cooper 2017). He starts drinking due to this and becomes known in the town as the town drunkard. Being the hero that he is he has not treated well in the ton instead; he is much buried by the community. He is just like Ultima in the case of magic practicing.

Each character can be called in different terms from each other due to the characters that they portray. The characters are different leading to the indifference in them calling. Antonio in the book is the protagonist. He narrates the story and bases his character as the principal protagonist in the novel. The novel in a fancy word can be called bildungsroman. The struggle and the power that Antonio has all came from the fact that he likes questioning everything that comes along his way (Alarcon, Daniel Cooper 2017). There is more than the catholism of Antonio, he has more friends, like; Samuel, Cico, Jason and Florence. Florence does not believe I god like Antonio does. This is due to the things which he considers horrible that happened to his past life. Antonio gets introduced to the golden crap story by Samuel. The manner in which the characters differ in the novel is based on a lot of things, the things that surround them, their roles in the novel and other many things.


Narciso and Ultima differ a lot not just in gender but also in character in the novel. Narciso being a farmer at her farm makes him different from Ultima who is a healer due to their roles in the novel (Franquiz, Maria E2018). The role of being a healer makes her be referred to as a witch while Narciso is referred to as a town drunkard from his role of drinking and singing while planting seeds on his lush garden.

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