Paper Example on Trend Forecasting, Trend Spotting, and Trend Watching

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Date:  2022-08-10


Trend forecasting is a useful way of looking at the past market growth or nature of sales, determining the possible consumer's behavior from that data and using the resultant information to extrapolate the future happening. In this regard, attention is given to the concrete and tangible numbers of the past. For instance, gameplay from the post which has integrated market forces to elaborate on trend forecast. In other words, trend forecasting can be deduced to the prediction of something unknown in the future and that ought to influence consumer's behaviors. Trend forecasting as science is an uncertain process. The longer it takes to forecast into the future, the more uncertain the result may become.

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On the other hand, trend watching is an act of putting more forecast on the root developments which can influence the daily lives of people shortly. On this account, the past and present data are vital aspects used to give explanations about the future. At certain limits, changes are considered as they transform or develop into formalities. According to the post, the concept of trend watching is discussed to a large extent alongside trend spotting which accounts for the identification of specific aspects that will amount into future changes. The consumer's behaviors and demands are, therefore, areas in which the post integrated to explain these topics.

Within the essay, much of the post is tied to the fashion and consumers products. The post replicates an ideal way of enlightening the readers or any audience on the theme of interest. Ideally, trend forecasting can be measured with all the materials consumed or used by people with the change in time. Technology being a core issue which determines peoples taste, choice, and preference with the change in time is another area which is more important to touch on. It is true to note that prediction can only be made with the present thing which goes around the world as has been exhausted in the post. For instance, within the post, data on the modern fashion has been touched as one of the items which can give a hint of the next thing which will capture people's attention.

Nonetheless, women are also known as fashion lovers. They, therefore, act as trendsetters through the various clothes and other wears which they thirst for on various occasions. It is good to note that it is on record that the determinant of trends besides technology is politics, media, entertainment, and health. The essay has coverage of these items which is recommendable. The author has elucidated within the essay that consumers play a vital role in predicting the future expectations via their online demands. The statement is true and achieves the desires of clarifying trend forecasting, trend spotting, and trend watching.

From the post, the audience would wish as well to read more about fashion forecasting, trend spotting, and fashion watching as a global career. The subjects are closely related because they focus on the consumer's choices which involve prediction on colors, textures, fabrics, beauty/grooming, street styles, footwear, graphics, and prints to mention but a few. An insight about tomorrow should be given in various disciplines from industries to geographies, to science, to trade, to social and general physical set-up. All these can be ideologically studied concerning data from the consumer's behaviors which tend to be the human beings.

I agree with the post about trend spotting and trend watching. The former concerns earlier identification while the latter is based on building interest after watching or viewing of something. It is most practical with ladies in the fashion industry. They, however, fall under forecasting because of the existence of the consumer's behavior.


In conclusion, trend forecasting, trend spotting, and trend watching are sciences which use consumer's behavior data to predict the future expectations. The post to a greater extent tends to explain the three (trend forecasting, trend spotting, and trend watching) by strategically using game plays concept. They revolve paying attention to the consumers' questions such as "I wish it would be like this, this one can be good this way, and were it this way everything would have been easier."

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